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URL https://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/
バージョン 8.1   8.0.1   8.0   7.12.1   7.12   7.11.1   7.11  
更新日 2018/01/31
追加日 2016/02/25
種別 フリーソフト / オープンソース(GPL)
説明 GNUプロジェクトが開発する高機能デバッガ。







2018/01/31 ver 8.1

GDB version 8.1
Version 8.1 of GDB, the GNU
January 31st, 2018: GDB 8.1 Released!
The latest version of GDB, version 8.1, is available for download.
Breakpoints on C++ functions are now set on all scopes by default ("wild" matching);
Support for inserting breakpoints on functions marked with C++ ABI tags;
Target floating-point arithmetic emulation during expression evaluation (requires MPFR 3.1 or later);
Various Python Scripting enhancements;
Improved Rust support; in particular, Trait objects can now be inspected when debugging Rust code;
GDB no longer makes assumptions about the type of symbols without debugging information to avoid producing erroneous and often confusing results;
The 'enable' and 'disable' commands now accept a range of breakpoint locations;
New 'starti' command to start the program at the first instruction;
New 'rbreak' command to insert a number of breakpoints via a regular expression pattern (requires Python);
The 'ptype' command now supports printing the offset and size of the fields in a struct;
The 'gcore' command now supports dumping all the memory mappings ('-a' command-line option);
New shortcuts for TUI Single-Key mode: 'i' for stepi, and 'o' for nexti;
GDBserver enhancements:
Support for transmitting environment variables to GDBserver;
Support for starting inferior processes with a specified initial working directory;

2017/09/08 ver 8.0.1

GDB version 8.0.1
Version 8.0.1 of GDB, the GNU
September 7th, 2017: GDB 8.0.1 Released!
The latest version of GDB, version 8.0.1, is available for download.
This is a minor corrective release over GDB 8.0, fixing the following
PR breakpoint/21886 (Compressed MIPS code debugging impossible due to memory breakpoint misplacement)
PR symtab/22002 (Assertion on debuggee built with -gdwarf-5 -fdebug-types-section)
PR symtab/22003 (Incompatibility with -gdwarf-5 - DW_FORM_implicit_const)
PR gdb/22046 (Regression on older kernels for T (stopped) processes)
PR sim/20863 (gdb-7.12 powerpc-rtems4.12-gdb does not build on FreeBSD)
PR breakpoint/21555 ("error re-setting breakpoint" on PIE executables)
PR tdep/21717 ("print $fpscr" says "" until some VFP data register is printed)
PR exp/21827 (Regression: gdb command lookup became case-sensitive; but definitions are forced into lowercase)
PR remote/22021 (Multi-arch exec fails with a remote target)
Last modified 2017-09-07.

2017/06/05 ver 8.0

GDB version 8.0
Version 8.0 of GDB, the GNU
June 4th, 2017: GDB 8.0 Released!
The latest version of GDB, version 8.0, is available for download.
Building this version of GDB now requires the following tools:
A C++-11 compiler (for instance, GCC 4.8 or later);
GNU make version 3.81 or later.
Changes in this release include:
C++: Support for rvalue references
Python scripting enhancements:
New functions to start, stop and access a running btrace recording.
Rvalue reference support in gdb.Type.
GDB commands interpreter:
User commands now accept an unlimited number of arguments.
The "eval" command now expands user-defined arguments.
DWARF version 5 support
(note that its .debug_names index is not supported yet).
GDB/MI enhancements:
New -file-list-shared-libraries command to list the shared

2017/01/22 ver 7.12.1

GDB version 7.12.1
Version 7.12.1 of GDB, the GNU
Jan 21st, 2017: GDB 7.12.1 Released!
The latest version of GDB, version 7.12.1, is available for download.
This is a minor corrective release over GDB 7.12, fixing the following
PR tdep/20682 (aarch64 regression: gdb.cp/nextoverthrow.exp)
PR server/20733 (Failed to build aarch64_be-linux-gnu GDBserver)
PR tdep/20953 (GDB crashes after "set architecture rl78")
PR tdep/20954 (GDB crashes if "set architecture rx")
PR tdep/20955 (GDB internal error in cris-tdep.c)
PR build/20712 (gdb 7.12+ doesn't build as C++ on Solaris)
PR breakpoint/20653 (string_to_explicit_location has some weird code)
PR build/20753 (MinGW compilation errors due to strcasecmp)
PR gdb/20977 (GDB exception handling is broken on i686-w64-mingw32)
PR python/21048 (backtrace is broken on i686)
PR sim/20808 (mips sim build fails due to undefined SD/CPU variables)
PR sim/20809 (mips sim build fails for r3900 cpus)
PR gdb/20939 (GDB aborts if there is an error in disassembly)
Last modified 2017-01-21.

2016/10/08 ver 7.12

GDB version 7.12
Version 7.12 of GDB, the GNU
October 7th, 2016: GDB 7.12 Released!
The latest version of GDB, version 7.12, is available for download.
New target support: Andes NDS32 (nds32*-*-elf)
Rust: Debugging programs written in Rust is now supported.
Fortran: Support structures with fields of dynamic types and arrays
of dynamic types.
Various Python enhancements (new convenience functions, enhanced
support for breakpoints).
Various GDBserver enhancements:
btrace recording without maintaining an active GDB connection.
tracepoints and fast tracepoints support added on s390-linux,
s390x-linux, powerpc64-linux, and powerpc64le-linux.
Support for the following remote target protocols and ROM monitors
has been removed:
target m32rsdi (Remote M32R debugging over SDI)
target mips (MIPS remote debugging protocol)
target pmon (PMON ROM monitor)

2016/06/01 ver 7.11.1

GDB version 7.11.1
Version 7.11.1 of GDB, the GNU
May 31st, 2016: GDB 7.11.1 Released!
The latest version of GDB, version 7.11.1, is available for download.
This is a minor corrective release over GDB 7.11, fixing the following
PR remote/19863 (7.10 regression: gdb remote.c due to "setfs" with gdbserver PR gdb/19829 (gdb crashes with PT and reverse next)
PR gdb/19676 (gdb fails with assert error if /proc is not mounted)
PR gdb/19828 (7.11 regression: non-stop gdb -p : internal error)
PR remote/19840 (gdb crashes on reverse-stepi)
PR gdb/19858 (GDB doesn't register the JIT libraries on attach)
PR gdb/19958 (Breakpoints/watchpoints broken on MIPS Linux PR build/20029 (symfile.c ambiguous else warning)
PR python/20037 (GDB use-after-free error)
PR gdb/20039 (Using MI/all-stop, can't interrupt multi-threaded program after continue)
Last modified 2016-05-31.

2016/02/25 ver 7.11