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タイトル nginx
URL http://nginx.org/en/
バージョン 1.15.1   1.15.0   1.13.12   1.13.11   1.13.10   1.13.9   1.13.8   1.13.7   1.13.6   1.13.5   1.13.4  
更新日 2018/07/04
追加日 2016/02/26
種別 フリーソフト / オープンソース(その他)
説明 フリーでオープンソースの高速Webサーバー。







2018/07/04 ver 1.15.1

Changes with nginx 1.15.1 03 Jul 2018
*) Feature: the "random" directive inside the "upstream" block.
*) Feature: improved performance when using the "hash" and "ip_hash"
directives with the "zone" directive.
*) Feature: the "reuseport" parameter of the "listen" directive now uses
*) Bugfix: HTTP/2 server push did not work if SSL was terminated by a
proxy server in front of nginx.
*) Bugfix: the "tcp_nopush" directive was always used on backend
*) Bugfix: sending a disk-buffered request body to a gRPC backend might

2018/06/05 ver 1.15.0

Changes with nginx 1.15.0 05 Jun 2018
*) Change: the "ssl" directive is deprecated; the "ssl" parameter of the
"listen" directive should be used instead.
*) Change: now nginx detects missing SSL certificates during
configuration testing when using the "ssl" parameter of the "listen"
*) Feature: now the stream module can handle multiple incoming UDP
datagrams from a client within a single session.
*) Bugfix: it was possible to specify an incorrect response code in the
"proxy_cache_valid" directive.
*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built by gcc 8.1.
*) Bugfix: logging to syslog stopped on local IP address changes.
*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built by clang with CUDA SDK installed;
the bug had appeared in 1.13.8.
*) Bugfix: "getsockopt(TCP_FASTOPEN) ... failed" messages might appear
in logs during binary upgrade when using unix domain listen sockets
on FreeBSD.
*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built on Fedora 28 Linux.
*) Bugfix: request processing rate might exceed configured rate when

2018/04/10 ver 1.13.12

Changes with nginx 1.13.12 10 Apr 2018
*) Bugfix: connections with gRPC backends might be closed unexpectedly
when returning a large response.

2018/04/04 ver 1.13.11

Changes with nginx 1.13.11 03 Apr 2018
*) Feature: the "proxy_protocol" parameter of the "listen" directive now
supports the PROXY protocol version 2.
*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built with OpenSSL 1.1.1 statically on
*) Bugfix: in the "http_404", "http_500", etc. parameters of the
"proxy_next_upstream" directive.

2018/03/21 ver 1.13.10

Changes with nginx 1.13.10 20 Mar 2018
*) Feature: the "set" parameter of the "include" SSI directive now
allows writing arbitrary responses to a variable; the
"subrequest_output_buffer_size" directive defines maximum response
*) Feature: now nginx uses clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) if available,
to avoid timeouts being incorrectly triggered on system time changes.
*) Feature: the "escape=none" parameter of the "log_format" directive.
Thanks to Johannes Baiter and Calin Don.
*) Feature: the $ssl_preread_alpn_protocols variable in the
*) Feature: the ngx_http_grpc_module.
*) Bugfix: in memory allocation error handling in the "geo" directive.
*) Bugfix: when using variables in the "auth_basic_user_file" directive
a null character might appear in logs.
Thanks to Vadim Filimonov.

2018/02/21 ver 1.13.9

Changes with nginx 1.13.9 20 Feb 2018
*) Feature: HTTP/2 server push support; the "http2_push" and
"http2_push_preload" directives.
*) Bugfix: "header already sent" alerts might appear in logs when using
cache; the bug had appeared in 1.9.13.
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process if the
"ssl_verify_client" directive was used and no SSL certificate was
specified in a virtual server.
*) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_v2_module.
*) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_dav_module.

2017/12/27 ver 1.13.8

Changes with nginx 1.13.8 26 Dec 2017
*) Feature: now nginx automatically preserves the CAP_NET_RAW capability
in worker processes when using the "transparent" parameter of the
"proxy_bind", "fastcgi_bind", "memcached_bind", "scgi_bind", and
"uwsgi_bind" directives.
*) Feature: improved CPU cache line size detection.
Thanks to Debayan Ghosh.
*) Feature: new directives in vim syntax highlighting scripts.
Thanks to Gena Makhomed.
*) Bugfix: binary upgrade refused to work if nginx was re-parented to a
process with PID different from 1 after its parent process has
*) Bugfix: the ngx_http_autoindex_module incorrectly handled requests
with bodies.
*) Bugfix: in the "proxy_limit_rate" directive when used with the
"keepalive" directive.
*) Bugfix: some parts of a response might be buffered when using
"proxy_buffering off" if the client connection used SSL.
Thanks to Patryk Lesiewicz.

2017/11/22 ver 1.13.7

Changes with nginx 1.13.7 21 Nov 2017
*) Bugfix: in the $upstream_status variable.
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process if a
backend returned a "101 Switching Protocols" response to a
*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in a master process if a shared
memory zone size was changed during a reconfiguration and the
reconfiguration failed.
*) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_fastcgi_module.
*) Bugfix: nginx returned the 500 error if parameters without variables
were specified in the "xslt_stylesheet" directive.
*) Workaround: "gzip filter failed to use preallocated memory" alerts
appeared in logs when using a zlib library variant from Intel.
*) Bugfix: the "worker_shutdown_timeout" directive did not work when
using mail proxy and when proxying WebSocket connections.

2017/10/11 ver 1.13.6

Changes with nginx 1.13.6 10 Oct 2017
*) Bugfix: switching to the next upstream server in the stream module
did not work when using the "ssl_preread" directive.
*) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_v2_module.
Thanks to Piotr Sikora.
*) Bugfix: nginx did not support dates after the year 2038 on 32-bit
platforms with 64-bit time_t.
*) Bugfix: in handling of dates prior to the year 1970 and after the
year 10000.
*) Bugfix: in the stream module timeouts waiting for UDP datagrams from
upstream servers were not logged or logged at the "info" level
instead of "error".
*) Bugfix: when using HTTP/2 nginx might return the 400 response without
logging the reason.
*) Bugfix: in processing of corrupted cache files.
*) Bugfix: cache control headers were ignored when caching errors
intercepted by error_page.
*) Bugfix: when using HTTP/2 client request body might be corrupted.
*) Bugfix: in handling of client addresses when using unix domain

2017/09/06 ver 1.13.5

Changes with nginx 1.13.5 05 Sep 2017
*) Feature: the $ssl_client_escaped_cert variable.
*) Bugfix: the "ssl_session_ticket_key" directive and the "include"
parameter of the "geo" directive did not work on Windows.
*) Bugfix: incorrect response length was returned on 32-bit platforms
when requesting more than 4 gigabytes with multiple ranges.
*) Bugfix: the "expires modified" directive and processing of the
"If-Range" request header line did not use the response last
modification time if proxying without caching was used.

2017/08/09 ver 1.13.4

Changes with nginx 1.13.4 08 Aug 2017
*) Feature: the ngx_http_mirror_module.
*) Bugfix: client connections might be dropped during configuration
testing when using the "reuseport" parameter of the "listen"
directive on Linux.
*) Bugfix: request body might not be available in subrequests if it was
saved to a file and proxying was used.
*) Bugfix: cleaning cache based on the "max_size" parameter did not work
on Windows.
*) Bugfix: any shared memory allocation required 4096 bytes on Windows.
*) Bugfix: nginx worker might be terminated abnormally when using the
"zone" directive inside the "upstream" block on Windows.