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I screenshot1   HipChat for Windows


タイトル HipChat for Windows
URL https://www.hipchat.com/
バージョン   4.0.1650  
更新日 2018/06/21
追加日 2016/02/26
種別 フリーソフト
説明 企業内のコミュニケーションツールとして利用できるサービスHipChatのWindows用クライアント。


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2018/06/21 ver

June 19, 2018 v4.30.6.1676
Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

2018/03/21 ver

March 16, 2018 v4.30.5.1672
Minor enhancements and bug fixes.
Copyright © 2018

2017/11/21 ver

November 20, 2017 v4.30.3.1665
Fixed: In-app popup notifications should no longer duplicate

2017/08/23 ver

August 22, 2017 v4.30.1.1663
Improved: Inserting smilies from the Smiley tooltip will now insert the smiley at the cursor instead of adding it to the end of the line.
Fixed: Certain character sequences in the username would prevent the client from being able to connect. (HCPUB-134)
Fixed: The Files and Links sidebars wouldn't update correctly after reconnecting.
Fixed: Searching for rooms with "+" or "-" in the name would fail. (HCPUB-2240)
Fixed: Email addresses that included hyphens weren't being linked correctly. (HCPUB-2090)
Fixed: URLs that included an email address or login credentials weren't being linked correctly. (HCPUB-2427, HCPUB-2323, HCPUB-2841)
Fixed: Links with the "radr://" protocol weren't being linked correctly. (HCPUB-2346, HCPUB- 2282)
Various bug fixes and improvements.
Copyright © 2017

2016/12/06 ver

December 5, 2016 v4.29.5.1662
New: We added new slash commands. Type /pre or /monospace to apply monospace formatting to the text in a message. Like /code, but for the rest of us.
Improved: Improvements for various reconnect scenarios. (HCPUB-934 & HCPUB-935)
Improved: Animated GIFs as avatars are fun and all, but they can be a bit of a drain on your CPU. We've added a new Appearance setting that lets you disable your teammates' animated avatars and give your CPU a break. (HCPUB-1744)
Improved: HipChat Video, in general. It's all kinds of more awesome.
Fixed: Newly created rooms weren't immediately available for users connected to HipChat Server instances. (HCPUB-1268)
Fixed: When returning to a room, GIFV previews were not being rendered correctly. Rejoice, for your visual zingers shall be appreciated again!
Fixed: Notification messages that included a mention were not triggering the appropriate notifications.
Fixed: When trying to delete a room while offline, the dialog would stay open until you restarted the app.
Fixed: Searching for rooms or people was slow for large teams.
Fixed: Various other bug fixes and improvements.

2016/12/01 ver


2016/10/05 ver

October 4, 2016 v4.28.1.1659
Improved: Exact matches for search results now appear at the top.
Improved: Emoticons and text can now cozy on up to each other. The emoticon will still show up if you have text right next to it.
Improved: It's easier to search for accented characters.
Improved: Better messaging when trying to upload images larger than 50MB.
Improved: Room and user names in the header are now selectable. (HCPUB-1255)
Improved: Standardized room admin messaging / bolding of room members.
Fixed: Notifications are now shown every time for incoming calls.
Fixed: The app was hanging momentarily when you used the shortcut key to switch tabs.
Fixed: Pasting text with hidden characters sometimes caused the client to disconnect. (HCPUB-412)
Fixed: When you searched for users with the same first and last initial, the search results were duplicating their first names.
Fixed: File previews were disappearing when you navigated away from and back to a chat.
Fixed: Added safeguards to prevent the "Offline" banner from showing when the client wasn't actually offline.
Fixed: Various other bug fixes.

2016/09/07 ver

September 6, 2016 v4.27.1.1658
New: Drag links or chunks of text into HipChat, and they'll get added to your chat input field.
Improved: Sometimes when reconnecting after switching networks the client would show the message "Offline" even though it was actually connected.
Improved: HipChat now turns a broader range of URLs into links. (HCPUB-1121)
Improved: File uploads are now grouped with regular messages.
Improved: If you're disconnected from the internet, messages will fail faster so you don't spend time waiting.
Improved: Enhanced client security.
Fixed: Some users were not able to see screen sharing options after upgrading. (HCPUB-1453)
Fixed: HipChat will now respect Windows proxy settings if none are set in the app. (HCPUB-1018)
Fixed: GIFV previews were disappearing when switching among rooms.
Fixed: Feedback form now opens in an external browser. (HCPUB-1264)
Fixed: The list of emoticons could get out of sync with the server. (HCPUB-538, HCPUB-1112 & HCPUB-1175)
Fixed: Scrolling in the Lobby or Quick Switcher was unreliable when zoomed in or out. (HCPUB-14)
Fixed: Users couldn't send messages immediately after unarchiving a room. (HCPUB-289)
Fixed: Getting invited to a room doesn't close your open dialogs anymore. (HCPUB-1258)
Fixed: The "Invite your team" link wasn't showing up for non-admins. (HCPUB-573)
Fixed: Lengthy messages without line breaks weren't getting the "Show more/less" treatment. (HCPUB-1192)
Fixed: Your teammates weren't seeing changes to your username until they restarted the app.
Fixed: The File Viewer didn't close when closing a room with a keyboard shortcut.

2016/08/17 ver

August 16, 2016 v4.26.5.1655
Fixed: A few bugs around the HipChat Video experience for HipChat Server customers.

2016/08/12 ver

August 11, 2016 v4.26.3.1653
New: We've changed our versioning in order to be consistent across all our desktop clients.
New: Hitting ESC while in the search field will clear your text and put focus back on the chat input field so you can keep on chatting.
Improved: We made switching chats faster. (boom)
Fixed: A crash some users were experiencing upon starting the client.
Fixed: Sometimes the client would fail to connect when set to launch on startup. (HCPUB-1199)
Fixed: Initial window size was too large on lower resolution monitors, (HCPUB-1272)
Fixed: Users removed from a private room could still see the room in the lobby and the quick switcher. (HCPUB-461)
Fixed: Rooms with ampersands in their names were displaying incorrectly in the quick switcher. (HCPUB-1050)
Fixed: Messages didn't stay scrolled to the bottom when opening and closing the right-hand sidebar. (HCPUB-1029)
Fixed: Changing the 24-hour time setting did not reflect on the chat header in 1-to-1 chats. (HCPUB-276)
Fixed: Users set to DND who've set their preferences to "Stop all notifications" were getting notifications for calls. Now you're disturbance free.
Fixed: Users connecting to older versions of HipChat Server were not able to preview PDFs in HipChat.
Fixed: When users scrolled up a few times to load chat history, it would jump back down to recent chats. We settled that odd behavior.
Fixed: Inserting an @ mention at the beginning of a word would replace that word with the mention.
Fixed: After deleting a room topic, it would revert back to the previous topic. Deleting now actually deletes.
Fixed: Long messages weren't wrapping correctly when hiding the right sidebar.
July 21, 2016 v4.0.1649
July 7, 2016 v4.0.1648

2016/07/26 ver 4.0.1650

July 25, 2016 v4.0.1650
Fixed: Spell check was unavailable for a small percentage of users
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