タイトル Jenkins
URL https://jenkins.io/
バージョン 2.187   2.186   2.185   2.184   2.183   2.182   2.181   2.180   2.179   2.178   2.177  
更新日 2019/07/22
追加日 2016/02/27
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Javaで作られたオープンソースの継続的インテグレーション支援ツール。






Jenkins 自体はJavaで作られているがテスト対象はJavaプロジェクトに限定されず、iOSアプリやRailsアプリなどさまざまなプロジェクトを対象として扱うことができる。




2019/07/22 ver 2.187

What's new in 2.187
The default interval for node monitors (e.g. free disk space) can now be changed by setting the system property hudson.node_monitors.AbstractNodeMonitorDescriptor.periodMinutes.
(pull 4105, Jenkins features controlled by system properties)
Robustness: Do not fail to render views when AdministrativeMonitor#isActivated fails.
(pull 4114)
Internal: Update slf4j version from 1.7.25 to 1.7.26
(pull 4118)

2019/07/18 ver 2.186

What's new in 2.186
Important security fixes.
(security advisory)
Remove Trilead SSH dependencies from the Jenkins core. These dependencies caused SSH build agent connection issues in 2.185.
(issue 58483)
Upgrade SSH CLI Auth Module from 1.5 to 1.7 to remove Trilead SSH references.
(pull 4111, issue 43669, changelog for 1.7, changelog for 1.6)

2019/07/15 ver 2.185

What's new in 2.185
Jenkins no longer creates symbolic links inside project or build directories.
The Build Symlink plugin may be installed to restore this functionality if desired.
URLs such as /job/…/lastStableBuild/ are not affected, only tools which directly access the $JENKINS_HOME filesystem.
(issue 37862)
Remove Trilead SSH library from Jenkins core and make it available in a new detached plugin.
(issue 43610)
Do not throw exception when testing proxy configuration. (regression in 2.168)
(issue 57383)
Prevent occasional IllegalStateException on Jenkins restart and invalidate the user session.
(issue 55945)
Avoid duplicate screenResolution cookie for views.
(pull 4103)
Due to a mixture of old and new “detached” plugins, under certain circumstances it was possible to have two versions of an extension point used by the command launcher option for agents.
(issue 58362)
Add a warning to the Installed tab of the plugin manager alerting administrators to possible problems from disabling detached plugins, which became possible as of 2.181.
(pull 4098)
Remove unnecessary delay during cloud agent provisioning if the agent is available very quickly.

2019/07/08 ver 2.184

What's new in 2.184
Remove obsolete session cookies when logging out, preventing errors related to headers being too large.
(issue 25046)
Add telemetry trial related to missing classes when running on Java 11.
(issue 57223)
Fix performance issue when using "Remember me" (regression in 2.160).
(issue 56243)
Developer: Clean up constructors of AbstractCloudSlave
(pull 4086)

2019/07/03 ver 2.183

What's new in 2.183
Add support for IPv6 addresses in the Jenkins URL configuration.
(issue 58041)
Update args4j from 2.0.31 to 2.33.
(issue 57959)
Developer: Allow plugins to provide onBlur() handlers for CodeMirror textarea controls.
(issue 58240)
Developer: Make WindowsUtil available to plugins.
(pull 4038)
Internal: update maven-war-plugin from 3.0.0 to 3.2.3
(issue 47127)

2019/06/24 ver 2.182

What's new in 2.182
When deleting directories, remove the read-only flag on Windows.
(issue 57855)
Update Remoting from 3.29 to 3.33.
(issue 57959, issue 50095, issue 57713, full changelog)

2019/06/18 ver 2.181

What's new in 2.181
The plugin manager UI no longer prevents disabling a plugin when other plugins only have optional dependencies to it.
(issue 33843)
A thread pool used to wait for external processes to complete could leak class loaders.
(issue 57725)
Robustness: Exceptions thrown while scheduling jobs in the queue could prevent other jobs from being scheduled.
(issue 57805)
Replace some exception stack traces related to agent channels with simpler messages.
(issue 57993)
Update JNA from 4.5.2 to 5.3.1 to fix issue with shared library loading on AIX when using OpenJDK.
(issue 57515)
Developer: Update ant dependency from 1.9.2 to 1.9.14.
(pull 4053)
Internal: Switch from FindBugs to SpotBugs for static analysis.
(pull 4062)
Internal: Mark hudson.model.UpdateSite#isDue as synchronized.
(issue 57466)

2019/06/15 ver 2.180

What's new in 2.180
Remoting reverted to 3.29 because JNLP agents failed to connect cloud agents in certain situations.
(regression in 2.176)
(issue 57759, issue 57713)
Improve Configuration-as-Code compatibility of ListView.
(issue 57121)
Detached plugin handling changes in 2.178 could cause problems for some custom Jenkins home packaging schemes that use improper filenames.

2019/05/27 ver 2.179

What's new in 2.179
Detached plugin handling in 2.178 could cause problems for some custom `$JENKINS_HOME` packaging schemes that used improper filenames.
These cases are now at least warned about, and in some cases transparently handled.
(issue 55582)
Change the presentation of boolean (checkbox) options for most options on configuration forms.
(issue 55787)
Developer: Make the XMLUtils class with utility methods related to safe XML processing available to plugins.
(pull 4032)

2019/05/22 ver 2.178

What's new in 2.178
Update jmDNS from 3.4.0-jenkins-3 to 3.5.5 to prevent unnecessary DNS Multicast error messages.
(issue 25369)
Update WinP from 1.27 to 1.28 to fix problems with a missing DLL and flickering console window in the Windows graceful process shutdown logic
(issue 57477, full changelog)
Make sure detached plugins (plugins whose functionality used to be part of Jenkins itself) are installed upon Jenkins startup when needed as implied dependencies of other plugins which were already present.
This simplifies compatibility for specialized installation scenarios not using the update center, such as when Jenkins is run from a Docker image prepackaged with some plugins.
(issue 57528)
Bring the bundled version of the Script Security plugin up to date with recent security advisories, in the unlikely case it is indeed installed from the WAR rather than the update center.
(pull 4000)

2019/05/13 ver 2.177

 - Documentation
What's new in 2.177
Support setting excludes and case sensitivity in the fingerprint() build step in Pipeline and other job types.
(documentation, pull 3915)
Allow distinguishing between new projects, disabled projects, and those with aborted builds through differently shaded build balls.
(pull 3997)
Update Windows Agent Installer from 1.10.0 to 1.11, enabling TLS 1.2 on agent downloads when running with .NET 4.6 or newer.
(issue 51577, full changelog)
Update Winstone-Jetty from 5.2 to 5.3 to update Jetty to 9.4.18.
(pull 4016, full changelog, Jetty 9.4.18 changelog, Jetty 9.4.17 changelog, Jetty 9.4.16 changelog)
Restore Chinese localized resources used by the setup wizard. (regression in 2.176)
(issue 57412)
Robustness: Do not put agent offline for runtime exceptions in ComputerListener#onOnline().
(issue 57111)
Do not record fingerprints for files not included in archived artifacts due to exclude filter.
(issue 41696)
Developer: Make UserSeedProperty available to plugin developers.
(pull 4018)