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バージョン 2.165   2.164   2.163   2.162   2.161   2.160   2.159   2.158   2.157   2.156   2.155  
更新日 2019/02/18
追加日 2016/02/27
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Javaで作られたオープンソースの継続的インテグレーション支援ツール。






Jenkins 自体はJavaで作られているがテスト対象はJavaプロジェクトに限定されず、iOSアプリやRailsアプリなどさまざまなプロジェクトを対象として扱うことができる。




2019/02/18 ver 2.165

What's new in 2.165
Support for the Remoting mode of the CLI (-remoting option) has been removed.
(pull 3838, announcement blog post)
Developer: Some public classes and methods which were already deprecated as specific to Remoting mode of the CLI have been removed, though those likely to be used by plugins have been retained for compatibility.
(pull 3838)
Internal: Replace Trilead SSH implementation of base64 with the JDK implementation.
(issue 43780)

2019/02/12 ver 2.164

What's new in 2.164
Make the plugin manager robust against Java version specification format mismatches while comparing versions (esp. after Java JEP 223).
(issue 55980)
Reduce the performance impact of the SECURITY-904 fix when downloading artifacts or workspaces as ZIP file.
(issue 55050)
Update Remoting from 3.28 to 3.29 to add a missing log call for severe protocol failures.
(issue 55976, full changelog)
Jenkins now uses the standard update center by default when running with Java 11.
(issue 55085)
Update Executable WAR from 1.44 to 1.45 to allow running Jenkins with Java 11 without setting the --enable-future-java flag or corresponding system property.
(issue 52285, full changelog)
Update SSHD Module from 2.5 to 2.6 to apply a proper Apache Mina idle timeout value when a custom value was set using the org.jenkinsci.main.modules.sshd.SSHD.idle-timeout system property.
(issue 55978, full changelog)
Suppress error message when first viewing the agent-to-master security configuration page.
(issue 55936)
Fix log message when the master node runs out of disk space and is taken offline.
(issue 55738)
Developer: Improve discovery and readability of WebClient most popular options.
(issue 53511)

2019/02/05 ver 2.163

What's new in 2.163
Support running Jenkins WARs on Java 11 without downloading JAXB JARs. A new JAXB plugin is marked as a detached one when running with Java 11 or higher.
(issue 55681, pull 3711, plugin page)
Report names of items being deleted in confirmation dialogs
(issue 55848)
Replaced text references to slave with agent in various log entries and built-in help pages
(issue 51320)
Improve diagnostics of missing Old Data Administrative Monitor
(pull 3240, related issue)
Prevent a potential startup deadlock situation in extension loading
(pull 3828, issue 55361, issue 54974, issue 50663, issue 44564, issue 31622)
Improve robustness of the partial page refresh logic when Jenkins is not available
(issue 53077)
Prevent NullPointerException in Run Parameter for jobs in rare race condition cases
(issue 47530)
Prevent NumberFormatException when a symbolic link is published as an artifact
(issue 55049)
Prevent NullPointerException when a fingerprint is loaded from a corrupted XML file without the usages section
(issue 49588)

2019/01/28 ver 2.162

中文 Chinese
What's new in 2.162
Jenkins did not use the configured proxy credentials for authentication unless they were saved since Jenkins was started. (regression in 2.152)
(issue 54903)
The list-jobs no longer lists items recursively when listing a specific folder.
(issue 48220)
Replace deprecated Warnings and Checkstyle plugins with Warnings Next Generation Plugin in installation wizard.
(pull 3857)
Do not print a warning about a changed workspace location on every startup when using the system property jenkins.model.Jenkins.workspacesDir.
(issue 53284)
Internal: Optimization in the method to read a remote file as text.
(pull 3862)
Internal: Add smoke-test JUnit category. To only run these tests, mvn -P smoke-test.
(issue 53935)
(pull 3854, Windows Service Wrapper changelog, Windows Agent Installer Module changelog)

2019/01/21 ver 2.161

 - Advocacy and Outreach
 - Hardware and EDA
What's new in 2.161
Update Windows Service Wrapper from 2.1.2 to 2.2.0 and Windows Agent Installer from 1.9.3 to 1.10.0 to support disabling, renaming and archiving service logs.
(pull 3854, Windows Service Wrapper changelog, https://github.com/jenkinsci/windows-slave-installer-module/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#1100, Windows Agent Installer Module changelog)
Update Executable WAR from 1.41 to 1.44, allowing use of JENKINS_ENABLE_FUTURE_JAVA environment variable as an alternative to the --enable-future-java CLI switch.
(pull 3847)
Overhaul file deletion related code to be more reliable.
(issue 55016, issue 55448, issue 55450)
Improve robustness of console annotators such as the Timestamper plugin in conjunction with certain Pipeline steps such as git on an agent with an old agent.jar.
(issue 55257)
Developer: Add SecurityListener#userCreated API to inform about user account creation in the Jenkins user database security realm.
(pull 3825)
Developer: Deprecate ParserConfigurator.
(pull 3852)
Internal: Update frontend-maven-plugin from 1.4 to 1.6.
(pull 3830)

2019/01/17 ver 2.160

What's new in 2.160
Invalidate sessions and CLI authentication caches when changing the user password in the Jenkins user database.
What's new in 2.159
Fixed issue that prevented Jenkins from deleting files in many cases. (regression in 2.157)
(issue 55448)

2019/01/15 ver 2.159

What's new in 2.159
Important security fixes.
(security advisory)

2019/01/15 ver 2.158

What's new in 2.158
Add support for plugins declaring a minimum Java version in manifest, showing warnings and refusing to load plugins with unsatisfied dependencies. Plugins should use the plugin POM 3.31 or newer to make use of this.
(issue 55048)

2019/01/08 ver 2.157

What's new in 2.157
Update Trilead SSH library to add support for OpenSSH keys with AES256-CTR encryption.
(issue 47603, issue 47458, issue 55133, issue 53653)
Restarting and Loading pages did not get CSS resources from the correct URL when using a context path.
(issue 55062)
Internal: Update parent POM from 1.50 to 1.51.
(pull 3829, changelog)
Internal: update build-helper-maven-plugin from 1.7 to 3.0 to make Jenkins more easily importable in Eclipse IDE.
(pull 3831)
Java 11 Support Preview is available starting from this version
(issue 52012, Announcement and run guidelines)

2018/12/18 ver 2.156

What's new in 2.156
User account creation by administrators did not show error messages when it failed. (Regression in 2.129)
(issue 52869)
Fix java.lang.IllegalStateException that could occur in rare cases on Jenkins startup.
(issue 55197, issue 55070)
Attempt to prevent NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/ServletException under some conditions on agents.
(issue 26677)
Update Remoting from 3.27 to 3.28 to fix some minor issues and enhance NO_PROXY options.
(full changelog, issue 47977, issue 48778, issue 49987, issue 50730, issue 51108, issue 54005)
Replace the Flash implementation of the "copy to clipboard" feature with the native JavaScript equivalent.
(issue 54933)
Login and signup pages redesigned in 2.129 now can receive style contributions (footer view for SimplePageDecorator) from multiple plugins.
(issue 54325)

2018/12/10 ver 2.155

What's new in 2.155
When running on Java 11, Jenkins by default is now using an update center with alpha/beta plugin releases that require Java 11.
(issue 55080, Experimental Update Center for Java 11 in JEP-211)
Update SSHD Module from 2.4 to 2.5 to add support for the EdDSA signature algorithm.
(issue 45318, SSHD Module changelog)
Unix process manager and Agent Java Web Start UI now check the current Java version based on java.specification.version.
(issue 55076)
Internal: update parent POM from 1.49 to 1.50 to get the SUREFIRE-1588 workaround.
(Parent POM changelog, SUREFIRE-1588)