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タイトル Immersive Explorer
URL http://www.julien-manici.com/
バージョン 1.7.0   1.6.0   1.5.2   1.5.1   1.5.0   1.4.1   1.4.0  
更新日 2019/10/08
追加日 2016/02/28
種別 フリーソフト
説明 モダンなインターフェイスが特徴的なWindows用のファイル管理ソフト。


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2019/10/08 ver 1.7.0

- At least a Dual Core CPU
- At least 2 GB of RAM
Current version : 1.7.0 (released on 2019/10/03)
Note: You may encounter a security warning from SmartScreen or your Antivirus when downloading this new version because it has been released recently.
If the file gets blocked by SmartScreen, right click on it, click "Properties", then press the "Unblock" button, and "OK". Then try to run the file again.
If your antivirus blocks the file, you should try adding it to the whitelist.
For verification purpose, the SHA1 hash of SetupImmersiveExplorer.exe version 1.7 is 16A77363FEC4BC5D0F1EDC520D9CB91AF947D1E8.
You may want to download Immersive Explorer version 1.6 if you can't manage to run the version 1.7.
Older version : 1.6.0 (released on 2018/05/23)
Immersive Explorer Premium is now available for purchase.
Immersive Explorer Basic is free. The Premium version offers aditionnal features. Click here to learn more!
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2018/05/24 ver 1.6.0

- Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
- If you're using a tablet : At least an Intel Atom Bay Trail CPU (most tablets released with Windows 8.1).
- If you're using a desktop/laptop : At least a Dual Core CPU
- .NET Framework 4.5
Current version : 1.6.0 (released on 2018/05/23)
SloveneAutomatic downloadCurrent version: Drago KranerOK
SpanishAutomatic download1st version: Jorge Ronald Cribb2nd version: Sismo Kritikal3rd version: Mario FernandezCurrent version: Kevin FigueroaOK

2017/11/17 ver 1.5.2

Current version : 1.5.2 (released on 2017/11/14)

2017/10/25 ver 1.5.1

Current version : 1.5.1 (released on 2017/10/24)

2017/10/07 ver 1.5.0

A modern file explorer for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7
- Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Current version : 1.5.0 (released on 2017/10/06)
CroatianAutomatic downloadKrešimir BožićOK
HungarianAutomatic download1st version: "Bluestar"Current version:Izumo HiiragiOK
JapaneseAutomatic downloadkatgumOK
PolishAutomatic download1st version: Krystian DuszynskiCurrent version: SuperjonhOK
PortugueseAutomatic downloadMaxwell BlackOK
Portuguese (Brazil)Automatic download1st version: Robson CiconelliCurrent version: Marcelo D'MoriamOK
RomanianAutomatic download1st version: Brebenel SilviuCurrent version: Sergi VatamanOK
SpanishAutomatic download1st version: Jorge Ronald Cribb2nd version: Sismo KritikalCurrent version: Mario FernandezOK
Spanish (Mexico)Automatic downloadLuis JaramilloOK

2016/04/24 ver 1.4.1

Current version : 1.4.1 (released on 2016/04/21)

2016/02/28 ver 1.4.0