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タイトル BurnAware Free
URL http://www.burnaware.com/
バージョン 11.3   11.2   11.1   11.0   10.9   10.8   10.7   10.6   10.5   10.4   10.3  
更新日 2018/05/22
追加日 2016/02/29
種別 フリーソフト
説明 CDやDVD、Blu-rayに対応したディスクライティングソフト。非商用に限り無料。


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2018/05/22 ver 11.3

Version 11.3
Released May 21, 2018
• Option to add or remove shell extensions (32 and 64 bits).
• New method for loading and processing language files.
• Updated help file, translations and shell extensions.
• Improved program's overall performance.
• Resolved problem with memory leaks in multilingual versions.
• Resolved problem with setting STPD on 64-bit systems.

2018/04/11 ver 11.2

Version 11.2
Released April 10, 2018
• Option to load PLS playlist using command-line.
• Updated translations.
• Improved Hi-Res audio track conversion in Audio CD compilation.
• Improved 64-bit version of shell context menu.
• Improved disc copying tool (ISO/BIN verification and log).
• Resolved problem with incorrect encoding in translations.
• Fixed bug with converting audio tracks with 44.1 kHz and 24/32 bits.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

2018/03/21 ver 11.1

Version 11.1
Released March 20, 2018
Version history
• Shell context menu (32 and 64-bit).
• Option to save Audio CD playlist in PLS format.
• Saving log file (log.txt), if "-X" parameter was set in command-line.
• Updated translations and installer.
• Improved processing of M3U playlists in Audio CD compilation.
• Improvements to command-line processing (Data and ISO compilations).
• Fixed bug with incorrect drive selection when launched from command-line.
• Fixed minor bugs with untranslated user interface elements.

2018/02/01 ver 11.0

Version 11.0
Released January 31, 2018
• New tool to extract files and folders from ISO images.
• Option to associate ISO files (.iso) with BurnAware.
• Support of HD audio tracks in Audio CD compilation.
• Option to use original disc name for new sessions (multisession disc).
• Hotkeys for Play and Stop buttons in Audio CD compilation.
• Updated translations, themes, help file and installer.
• Improvements to user interface.
• Improved program's overall performance and stability
• Fixed bug with cancelling disc recording in multidisc compilation.
• Fixed bug with keeping value of "Number of copies" option.
• Fixed bug with displaying disc label in Data recovery tool.

2017/12/21 ver 10.9

Version 10.9
Released December 21, 2017
New Features
• Additional free space checks before burning ISO image.
• Support of Windows dark themes.
• Slovak translation
• Compatibility improvements for latest Windows 10 updates
• Fixed bug with returning to main screen in some tools.
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2017/11/29 ver 10.8

Version 10.8
Released November 28, 2017
• The number of recorders in Multiburn extended to 8.
• Updated translations.
• User interface improvements for high-DPI displays.
• Fixed bug with potential crash during detection of USB-connected drives.
• Fixed bug with writing incorrect titles in CUE files.

2017/11/08 ver 10.7

Version 10.7
Released November 7, 2017
• New "Icons" theme (set as default).
• Updated "List" theme and user interface.
• Updated installer and translations.
• Improvements to disc copying tools.
• Resolved problem with burning big compilations (more than 200.000 files).
• Fixed bug with detection of 50GB and 100GB Blu-ray Discs.

2017/10/05 ver 10.6

Version 10.6
Released October 5, 2017
• Option to prevent entering sleep mode while disc erasing.
• Updated and improved "Icons" theme.
• Updated translations
• Improved extraction of audio tracks in Audio Grabber.
• Fixed bug with setting default options.
• Fixed bug with loading session if more than 9 sessions on disc.

2017/09/13 ver 10.5

Version 10.5
Released September 12, 2017
• Option to prevent entering sleep mode while disc burning.
• Updated and improved main UI theme (Categories view).
• Updated translations and installer.
• Improvements to buffer handling in Multiburn tool.
• Improved file extraction process in Data Recorvery tool.
• Minor optimizations for high-DPI screens.
• Fixed bug with creating new session on single-session disc.
• Fixed bug with auto disabling Direct Copy mode in Copy Disc tool.
• Resolved problem with burning multiple copies in Copy Disc tool.

2017/07/12 ver 10.4

Version 10.4
Released 12-July-2017
• New disc burning engine in Multiburn tool.
• New method of file extraction in Data Recorvery tool.
• Feature to check free space on hard drive prior to save ISO.
• Optimized data buffering during burning process.
• Improvements to user interface and program's performance.
• Updated installer and translations.
• Fixed bug with arranging data in Span Disc tool.
• Resolved problem with hot keys and keyboard support.
• Resolved problem with disc erasing in Multiburn tool.

2017/05/16 ver 10.3

Version 10.3
Released 16-May-2017
• New boot image file (DOS 6.22).
• New file sorting method.
• Updated disc reading engine (Copy to ISO, Copy Disc).
• Improved Span Disc tool and ASPI initialization.
• Improved user interface for standard DPI resolution.
• Updated icons and translations.
• Resolved problem with reading data from boot disc.
• Fixed possible bug with adding big files >2 GB.
• Fixed bug with file name length in Joliet/ISO compilations.