タイトル MacID
URL https://macid.co/
バージョン 1.3.7   1.3.6   1.3.5   1.3.4   1.3.3  
更新日 2018/04/15
追加日 2016/02/29
種別 フリーソフト
説明 iOSデバイスの指紋認証を利用してMacのロックを解除することができるソフトウェア。使用するには有償のiOSアプリが必要。







2018/04/15 ver 1.3.7

Download 1.3.7
Looking for v2? (MacID has been renamed Unlox)
MacID is now called Unlox
At the start of 2018 I released an update to MacID which fixed numerous bugs with Bluetooth, however Apple made me change the name. So MacID is now called Unlox, and is available as a separate app in the App Store.
People who paid for MacID 1 can get Unlox either for free or at a discount through the Unlox upgrade bundle which you can find on the App Store. Apple decide how much to charge you based on how much you paid for MacID, and when you paid it.
You can find out more about Unlox at unlox.it, and there's lots of information on the FAQs and blog about why Unlox is a separate app on the App Store.
Please try out Unlox if you're running High Sierra, it's a nice update that took me months of work re-writing the whole app to be more reliable after years of workarounds for various Bluetooth bugs.
Thanks for your support over the years!
© 2018 Kane Cheshire

2017/05/11 ver 1.3.6

Download 1.3.6
Changes in v1.3.6
MacID for macOS now remembers between launches if you asked a Mac to disconnect. Handy for those (often) times that Bluetooth needs resetting.
Tap to Unlock tap pattern no longer gets forgotten if you have to forget and re-add your primary device. You still need to have a device paired to actually use Tap to Unlock, though.
You can now stop MacID from disabling auto-lock when apps keep your screen awake. Use this with caution because auto-lock may trigger while you're watching a movie!
Ensures that MacID AppleScript extensions get run in alphabetical order. To find out more about MacID for macOS AppleScript extensions, search for "extension" on the MacID blog.
A note on the stability of Bluetooth on macOS Sierra:
Don't forget MacID has a built in option for quickly resetting Bluetooth, as well as quickly relaunching the macOS app.
Fingers crossed macOS 10.13 has some great new updates to the Bluetooth APIs!
© 2017 Kane Cheshire

2016/09/27 ver 1.3.5

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Changes in v1.3.5
Fixes an issue where it could take two attempts to enter a password on Sierra.
Fixes an issue where a device could wrongly show in the setup window if macOS is having trouble finding the proper MacID service.
Fixes Tap to Unlock lock screen UI glitch.
Reduces change that MacID for macOS (and iOS) show the German version for English users.
Prevents proximity features from trying to activate while the device is still connected but the macOS account is currently not active. (That is, if someone else is also logged in)

2016/06/01 ver 1.3.4

Download 1.3.4
Changes in v1.3.4
Make sure you update MacID for iOS and check out the App Store release notes for all the info on what's new there too!
Adds option to allow Tap to Unlock to work when Terminal is active. Note that MacID has no way of knowing if Terminal is asking for a password, so successfully tapping your tap pattern will always input your password into the window.
Adds an option to notify you when the Mac App Store is asking for a password. For this to work properly your Mac's account password must be the same as your App Store account password.
Enabling the feature above also enables Tap to Unlock for the Mac App Store.
Increases the size of the lock screen menu item.
Improves reconnection times.
Moves some options to a new "Advanced" menu in the More menu.
Includes support for new colour schemes.
Improves elevated auth requests by only sending a request if the system is asking for an actual password.
Adds an option to make any device the primary device.
Improves Tap to Unlock responsiveness when waking from deep sleep.
Adds an option to stop searching for devices when it's in the "Looking for..." stage. This is useful if you have multiple devices paired but don't need it to scan for some of them while you're away from home, for example.
Lifts the 4000 character limit on sending clipboard text.
Fixes an issue where a device disconnecting and reconnecting during password setup could cause the setup window to close.
Bluetooth scanning now 'pauses' between each connection attempt to help alleviate cfprefsd CPU issues.

2016/03/26 ver 1.3.3

Download 1.3.3
Changes in v1.3.3
Focuses on improving reconnections.
Fixes an issue where launching MacID while Spotify or iTunes is running and paused would still cause the track name to be sent to MacID for iOS.
Moves the Auto-lock disabled reason to the main menu.
Auto-lock disabled reason now shows if it's disabled because you've set it to be limited to power adapter only and you're on battery, and vice-versa.
Auto-lock disabled reason will only show if you have Auto-lock enabled.
Adds an option to completely hide MacID from the Dock and Menu Bar. After hiding MacID you'll need to click the MacID app icon again to get it back.
Adds an option to set a keyboard shortcut to completely hide MacID.
Improves password entry reliability.
Pressing play or pause on MacID for iOS while the screen is locked will wake the screen to play/pause and then automatically send the screen back to sleep.
Fixes some nasty memory leaks.
Fixes an issue where moving the MacID menu from the Dock to the Menu Bar would fail.
Adds automatic relaunching for some Bluetooth errors (MacID will only automatically relaunch once an hour in case it gets into a loop)
Adds some logging to the console so you have a better idea of what's happening when something goes wrong with Bluetooth etc.

2016/02/29 ver