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更新日 2019/11/08
追加日 2016/03/08
種別 シェアウェア(29ドル)
説明 Macの特定フォルダの下に保存されたファイルを自動的に整理バックアップすることができるソフト。







2019/11/08 ver 4.4.2

Version 4.4.2 (Nov 8, 2019)
User interface changes:
Worked around Catalina bug where in certain cases fields were not editable after clicking in them.
Core changes:
Fixed old errors not getting cleared out of internal database. This would affect the rule status interface that would show an old error indefinitely in some cases.

2019/11/02 ver 4.4.1

Version 4.4.1 (Nov 1, 2019)
User interface changes:
Fixed popover windows not showing up properly on pre-Mojave systems.
Fixed crash when bringing up certain popover windows (like Replace Text).
Misc. fixes.
Core changes:
Fixed issue with not being able to run Automator workflows using third-party actions.

2019/10/30 ver 4.4

Version 4.4 (Oct 29, 2019)
New Features
Compatibility with Catalina. This mostly affects handling certain new privacy protections.
Added support for the new Music app on Catalina. Should work as "Import into iTunes" did before.
Hazel is now notarized.
Hazel now requires macOS 10.12.
User interface changes:
Tons of workarounds for various Apple bugs concerning preference panes in Catalina.
Core changes:
Worked around bug introduced in Catalina where numbers would get reformatted with a decimal ("1" would become 1.0").
Fixed various issues with the "Sort into subfolder" action using either wildcards or multiple folder levels.
Fixed issue when passing numeric attributes to AppleScripts as arguments.
Fixed a couple of issues regarding custom date attributes being used on the right hand side of a condition.
Removed Growl support.
Various other tweaks, fixes and workarounds.

2019/04/13 ver 4.3.5

Version 4.3.5 (Apr 12, 2019)
User interface changes:
On Mojave, when doing cmd-a (select all) or accessing the "Edit" menu while the rules list has focus would cause a crash. This has been fixed.
Fixed possible crash when dismissing rule status interface.
Fixed error when doing "Export all" when one of the folders has a slash (/) in its name.
Fixed sporadic display issue with the "Folders" header when switching panes on Mojave.
Core changes:
Tweaked how "Contents contain" works with Spotlight resulting in slightly more accurate matches.

2019/01/25 ver 4.3.4

Version 4.3.4 (Jan 24, 2019)
New features:
Contextual menu in pattern fields now has a new "Insert Element" item. Allows you to insert tokens and attributes without having to leave the field or use drag and drop. Should be particularly helpful for VoiceOver users.
User interface changes:
Fixed crash when dragging tokens.
Fixed custom attributes not being deleted from other places when its source condition is deleted.
Fixed wrong custom attributes being removed when original is deleted in some cases.
Fixed preview not showing correct result of "none" sub-conditions.
Fixed debug UI turning the debug option on whenever it is brought up.
Will try and detect when adding a folder that falls under Mojave's privacy protections and provide an alert in such cases.
Fixed text in the Matched Rule column in the Rule Status interface being cut off.
Fixed issue where folders in synced rulesets may no longer being tracked properly, showing up as invalid.
Other improvements.
Core changes:
Fixed "none" conditions not being evaluated properly for targets besides "Current file or folder".
DMGs inside other archive files (like zips) are no longer uncompressed (and incorrectly at that) when the outer archive is uncompressed.
Various improvements.
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2018/11/09 ver 4.3.3

Version 4.3.3 (Nov 8, 2018)
New features:
You can copy and paste rules now (yeah, I know).
Rule search field is now resizable, because why not?
User interface changes:
Fixed crash in rule status window when trying to display certain errors.
Fixed colors for dark mode including:
Replace text interface.
Headers in rule preview popovers.
Cursor color in Apple/JavaScript editors.
Various other dark mode tweaks.
Fixed preview of Apple/JavaScript conditions not working because of Mojave privacy protections. Note that you must still accept the prompt to allow access when it appears.
Fixed preview popover size wigging out when detached.
Upload interface now allows empty passwords.
Added more tool tips to rule UI. Preview button will show name of file being previewed while the folder name and icon will show the full path of the monitored folder.
Fixed keyboard navigation in several places.
Preview status badges now highlight when hovered over to indicate they are clickable.
Screenshots in Help scaled down to fit.
Fixed AppleScript examples in manual.

2018/10/02 ver 4.3.2

Version 4.3.2 (Oct 1, 2018)
User interface changes:
Fixed crash when removing a folder.
Fixed crash with dynamic tags on older OS versions.
Token colors no longer linked to accent color on Mojave.
Added help for "Relocate Folder" function.
Core changes:
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

2018/09/25 ver 4.3.1

Version 4.3.1 (Sep 24, 2018)
User interface changes:
Fixed bug which would cause AppSweep to trigger at incorrect times, such as when updating Hazel.

2018/09/25 ver 4.3

Version 4.3 (Sep 24, 2018)
New features:
Support for Dark Mode in Mojave.
Support for Mojave's new privacy protections. You will be prompted by the OS when accessing certain features. Make sure to give Hazel permissions otherwise your rules may not work.
You can now drag files into the rule editor to preview them.
User interface changes:
Should now adapt to the wider window used for System Preferences in some regions/languages.
You can now nest "any/all of its sub-files" under a "any/all files in the same folder.
Improved error display in rule status UI.
Updates and tweaks for Mojave look and feel.
Numerous other tweaks.
Core changes:
When matching abbreviated month names, will compensate to match version with and without the period at the end.
Misc. fixes.

2018/08/30 ver 4.2.9

Version 4.2.9 (Aug 29, 2018)
Core changes:
Fixed issue when using multiple rules in the same folder with "is among the" on the same attribute.

2018/07/19 ver 4.2.8

Version 4.2.8 (Jul 19, 2018)
Core changes:
Removed debugging code which slipped into release build. Was adversely affecting how "Kind" was being matched in rules.