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更新日 2018/07/18
追加日 2016/03/09
種別 フリーソフト
説明 ファイル同期システムownCloudのサーバーソフトウェア。







2018/07/18 ver 10.0.9

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2018/05/16 ver 10.0.8


2018/04/15 ver 10.0.7

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2017/12/06 ver 9.1.7

ownCloud 9.0 (unsupported!)
Version 9.1.7 Dec 5 2017
Fix user deletion for LDAP users #28008
Added “occ files:scan” repair mode to repair mismatch filecache paths - #29487
Add extra check in case of missing home storage - #28505
Add cache for new card uri<->id to fix db cluster execution - #28304
Create new birthday calendar without VTODO and give order 100 - #28550
Username must be at least 3 characters long - #29239
Use correct class namespace for ownCloud ext storage - #28978
Remove input autofocus on Internet Explorer - #28830
PHP 5.5 is EOL as well by now - #28766
Do not reset quota to “default” whe no LDAP quota attributes configured - #28404
Add check for empty result in storage memcache - #28229
Only use IndexIgnore if mod_autoindex.c is enabled/loaded. - #28592
Make setValues use insertIfNotExists - #28484
Add emitting of hook post_unshareFromSelf to Share 2.0 - #28412
Data is not properly set in case of OCS Result object - #28199
Check that the most recent app version is loaded - #28222
Add Win10 User Agent for FakeLockerPlugin. Add missing response status. - #28288

2017/06/01 ver 9.1.6

ownCloud 10.0
ownCloud 8.2 (unsupported!)
Version 10.0.2 May 30 2017
Release notes: Release notes
[major] Fix issue with database.xml migration being triggered twice on market app install - core/#27982
[major] Apps formerly marked as shipped can now be uninstalled - core/#27985
[major] Market now properly updates app version when using multiple apps paths - core/#27989
Download: owncloud-10.0.2.tar.bz2 or owncloud-10.0.2.zip
MD5: owncloud-10.0.2.tar.bz2.md5 or owncloud-10.0.2.zip.md5
SHA256: owncloud-10.0.2.tar.bz2.sha256 or owncloud-10.0.2.zip.sha256
PGP (Key): owncloud-10.0.2.tar.bz2.asc or owncloud-10.0.2.zip.asc
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Version 9.1.6 May 30 2017
[major] Default quota display in users page now works correctly again - core/#27896
[major] Maintenance mode now properly blocks access on new DAV endpoint - core/#27821
[minor] Escape filter in search - core/#27900
[minor] Fix file name output in error pages - core/#27808
[minor] Fix PDF download button in embedded viewer - core/#27521
[minor] Fix rare issue where one cannot comment due to inconsistent mount cache table with deleted users - core/#27012

2017/04/20 ver 9.1.5

ownCloud 8.1 (unsupported!)
Version 9.1.5 Apr 18 2017
[major] Fix potential DB crash due to DB locks with Galera Cluster - core/#27071
[major] Renaming SMB mount point now does not delete its contents - core/#27377
[major] Fix quota behavior inconsistencies with LDAP quota - core/#27420
[major] Prevent useless queries to local DB users table when using LDAP - core/#27068
[major] Reduce queries to storages table by caching known entries in memcache - core/#27312
[major] Optimize long-running jobs by only running them for users who actually logged in before - core/#26361
[major] Link shares now work correctly when using master key encryption - core/#27261
[major] Delete files tooltip now shows the original file path again - core/#27271
[major] Keep file id when overwriting files when using home object store - core/#27281
[major] Add support for custom Sabre auth plugin registration in core - core/#27370
[major] Fix home folder deletion which could fail with LDAP and home attribute in some cases - core/#26848
[major] Enable exponential backoff in GDrive SDK library to reduce API rate limit issues - core/#20481
[minor] Fix web updater on some setups that show error message about session already closed - core/#27647
[minor] Updated ca-bundle.crt - core/#27513
[minor] Remove useless warning about contact id when sharing with email - core/#27225
[minor] Don't store empty groups in system tags table - core/#27295
[minor] When running cron the log now contains each job's last duration - core/#27239

2017/02/03 ver 9.1.4

Version 9.1.4 Feb 2 2017
[major] Make error message for password reset form more generic - core/#27011
[major] When sharing autocomplete is disabled, also disable for the email field - core/#26504
[major] Add command to clean up invalid/expired remote storages - core/#26379
[major] Fix encryption key storage when using LDAP home folder rules - core/#26820
[major] Properly react on memcache errors - core/#25692
[major] Fix random normalizedPathCache log messages / garbage collection issues from PHP 7 - core/#22370
[major] Properly deal with inconsistent LDAP/memcache or user/group manager responses - core/#26871
[major] Added configreport app which will help with better bug reports - configreport/#6
[minor] Fix syncing of file names with colon followed by a number - core/#25479
[minor] Prevent empty user uid from LDAP - user_ldap/#6
[minor] Prevent repeated log messages when dealing with broken picture files - core/#26758
[minor] Fix group-enable option in apps page when memcache is enabled - core/#26638
[minor] Add AVMaxFileSize config option - files_antivirus/#133
[minor] Reduce number of federated share requests when dealing with non-existing entries - core/#26324
[minor] Remove obsolete legacy storage repair routine - core/#26774
[minor] Fix broken remote avatar image in activities tab - activity/#529
[minor] When grouping duplicate shares, sort by stime then id - core/#25830
[minor] Make file upload post hooks consistent between chunking and non-chunking mode - core/#26387

2016/12/15 ver 9.1.3

ownCloud 9.0
ownCloud 8.0 (unsupported!)
Version 9.1.3 Dec 13 2016
[major] UI: File list now works properly with many hidden entries - core/#26518
[major] Transfer ownership fails in some sharing scenario - core/#26523
[major] Transfer ownership fails if external storage with user-specified password - core/#26530
[major] Transfer ownership fails with file shares with invalid permissions - core/#26541
[major] Transfer ownership must skip trashed shares - core/#26525
[major] Versions on external storage never expire - core/#24161
[major] Properly convert public upload OCS params - core/#26691
[major] Properly load object store apps at install time when required in config - core/#26299
[major] Fix issue in sharing API that can happen with Galera Cluster - core/#26700
[major] Cannot delete file in share link from global external storage - core/#25618
[major] Fix issue where first run wizard made web UI unusable in IE11 - core/#26438
[major] Cannot upload to federated share when only create/update permission given - core/#26173
[major] Auth header in new DAV endpoint can break with Windows Webdav - core/#26412
[minor] Transfer ownership don't bail out on error - core/#26524
[minor] Don't scan received shares in OCC files scan or background jobs - core/#26590
[minor] Remove useless warning in log when accessing public shares - core/#25455

2016/11/09 ver 9.1.2

Version 9.1.2 Oct 26 2016
Core: Adjusted documentation link to issue template - core/#26087
Core: Display feedback in users page when changing password - core/#25532
Core: Fix mime type detection in hidden directories - core/#26133
Core: Change forum URL to central - core/#25644
Core: Fix share array format passed to "post_unshareFromSelf" hook - core/#26390
Core: Release mount info memory after running background jobs - core/#26223
Core: Improve users page performance by not sorting after every add - core/#26234
Core: Escape special chars in some queries - core/#25429
Core: Redirect to two factor challenge page when only a single provider exists - core/#26134
Core: Fix bogus PasswordLoginForbidden DAV error when logging in as non-existing user - core/#26123
Core: Change the minimum log level to FATAL - core/#26131
Core: Fix issue with "(2)" appearing on shares when querying avatar with wrong casing - core/#26271
Core: Enabling an app now also analyzes dependencies at this time instead of only at install - core/#26295
Core: Reuse cached app info to avoid high load on some environments - core/#25603
Core: Show warning instead of exception when trying to run ownCloud on Windows - core/#26208
Core: Fix misleading SSL/TLS SMTP email configuration - core/#26447
Core: Fix malformed attribute in files app page - core/#26480
DAV: Improve chunk assembly performance for new DAV endpoint - core/#26062

2016/09/21 ver 9.1.1

Version 9.1.1 Sep 20 2016
Core: Remove OCS response body for HTTP status 204 and 304 which disturbed some firewalls - core/#25835
Core: Map Oracle driver options to params - core/#23938
Core: Log cron job class name for easier troubleshooting - core/#25743
Core: Skip version and trash expiry for users that never logged in - core/#25741
Core: Added white download icons for apps to use - core/#23891
Core: Fix warning about undefined offset in LoginController - core/#25714
Core: Fix warning about undefined two factor providers - core/#25606
Core: Load app before executing its repair steps - core/#25674
Core: Fix "defaultapp" setting - core/#25562
Core: Fix issue when opening some file app links received in share emails - core/#25200
Core: Reconnect DB in occ files:scan to avoid DB timeouts - core/#25853
Core: Fix status.php page redirection with non-standard port - core/#25946
Core: Improve users page loading performance with many groups - core/#25922
Core: Don't log credentials from tryLogin - core/#25895
Core: Fix password recovery with case sensitive user names - core/#25684
Core: Fix two factor page cyclic reload with some providers - core/#25893
Core: Add visual feedback when updating password in users page - core/#25532
Core: Fix useless warning when overwriting file when open_basedir is set - core/#26033

2016/07/21 ver 9.1.0

ownCloud 9.1
Version 9.1.0 Jul 21 2016
Background jobs (cron) can now run in parallel
Update notifications in client via API - You can now be notified in your desktop client about available updates for core and apps. The notifications are made available via the notifications API.
Multi bucket support for primary objectstore integration
Pluggable authentication: plugin system that supports different authentication schemes
Token-based authentication
Ability to invalidate sessions
List connected browsers/devices in the personal settings page. Allows the user to disconnect browsers/devices.
Device-specific passwords/tokens, can be generated in the personal page and revoked
Disable users and automatically revoke their sessions
Detect disabled LDAP users or password changes and revoke their sessions
Log in with email address
Configuration option to enforce token-based login outside the web UI
Two Factor authentication plug-in system
OCC command added to (temporarily) disable/enable two-factor authentication for single users
Note: the current desktop and mobile client versions do not support two-factor yet, this will be added later.