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更新日 2018/04/19
追加日 2016/03/09
種別 フリーソフト
説明 ファイル同期システムownCloudのデスクトップクライアント。







2018/04/19 ver 2.5.0

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2018/02/21 ver 2.4.1

Looking for older versions? See our download archive.
version 2.4.1 (2017-02-xx)
Ignore files with file names that can't be encoded for the filesystem (#6287, #5676, #5719)
Issues: Speed up insertion and add hard upper limit (#6272)
Notifications: Fix "Dismiss" action
Notifications: Fix timer invocation on macOS
Notifications: Immediately poll when account online
Protocol: Remove entries for auto resolved conflicts (#6316)
owncloudcmd: Set proxy before capabilities call (#6281)
owncloudcmd: Do not do the capability call when --nonshib is passed
Avatars: Use old location for servers <10 (#6279)
Link shares: Change default share name (#6298)
Nautilus integration: Work with python2 and python3
HTTP2: Only allow with Qt 5.9.4 (#6285)
Crash fixes
version 2.4.0 (2017-12-21)

2018/01/15 ver 2.4.0

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Desktop Client
version 2.4.0 (2017-12-XX)
If you're using 2.4.0 alpha1, please upgrade as previous alphas/rcs had an issue with hidden files and renames!
OAuth2 authentication support by opening external browser (#5668)
Shibboleth: Change to use OAuth2 if supported (#6198)
Sharing: Add option to copy/email private links (#5023, #5627)
Sharing: Add option "show file listing" (#5837)
Sharing: Show warning that links are public (#5747)
Sharing: Sharing dialog redesign: multiple share links support (#5695)
Sharing: Make "can edit" partially checked sometimes (#5642)
Sharing: Trigger a sync for folder affected by a change of sharing (#6098)
Wizard: Resolve url/ redirects only if url/status.php not found (#5954)
Wizard: Add explanation text when server error is shown (#6157)
Wizard: Update the window size on high dpi screen (#6156)
Wizard: Don't report confusing error message (#6116)
Gui: Display the user server avatar (#5482)
Gui: Use display name of user, not internal name

2017/11/04 ver 2.3.4

Release 2.3.4 November 3rd 2017
Checksums: Use addData function
Packaging: Require ZLIB
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Release 2.4.0 alpha1 October 6th 2017
OAuth2 authentication support by opening external browser
Sync Issues: More functional error view including filters and conflicts (#5516)
Sharing: Add support for multiple public link shares (#5655)
Sharing: Add option to copy/email private links (#5627, #5023)
Sharing: Add option "show file listing" (#5837)
Sharing: Show warning that links are public
Sharing: Many UI improvements
Sharing: Make "can edit" partially checked sometimes (#5642)
Wizard: Never propose an existing folder for syncing (#5597)
Wizard: Don't show last page anymore, go to settings directly (#5726)

2017/09/05 ver 2.3.3

Release 2.3.3 August 29th 2017
Chunking NG: Don't use old chunking on new DAV endpoint (5855)
Selective Sync: Skip excluded folders when reading DB, don't let them show errors (5772)
Settings: Make window bigger so Qt version is always visible (5760)
Share links: Show warning that public link shares are public (5786)
Downloads: Re-trigger folder discovery on HTTP 404 (5799)
Notifications: Propagate "Dismiss" as DELETE to server (5922)
Overlay Icons: Fix potential hangs on Windows
SyncJournalDB: Don't use ._ as filename pattern if that does not work because of SMB storage settings (5844)
SyncJournalDB: Log reason for sqlite3 opening errors
Windows: Fix a memory leak in FileSystem::longWinPath
Switch Linux builds also to Qt 5.6.2 (5470)
Stopped maintaining Qt 4 support
Linux packaging fixes: install the owncloud-client-nemo, owncloud-client-nautilus, owncloud-client-caja, owncloud-client-dolphin package for sync-state icons and a share-with menu in your file manager.
Linux deprecation: Releases after 2.3.3 do not support Fedora 24 or lower, openSUSE Leap 42.1 or lower, Debian 7.0 or lower.
2.4.0 deprecation: We will drop 32-bit Linux support and MacOS X 10.9 support or lower.
Supported platforms are documented at Desktop System Requirements.
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2017/05/09 ver 2.3.2

Release 2.3.2 May 8th 2017
Fix more crashes (thanks to everyone submitting to our crash reporter!)
Improve compatibility with server 10.0 (5691, X-OC-Total-Size)
Share dialog: UI improvements, Bring to front on tray click
owncloudcmd: Align process return value with sync return value (3936)
Fix disk free check on Windows when opening the local DB
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Release 2.3.1March 21th 2017
Fix several crashes (thanks to everyone submitting to our crash reporter!)
Improve HTTP redirect handling (#5555)
Blacklist: Escalate repeated soft error to normal error (#5500)
NTFS: Do not attempt to upload two existing files with similar casing (#5544)
Fix URL for linking to application password generation for ownCloud 10.0 (#5605)
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2017/03/03 ver 2.3.0

Release 2.3.0 March 3rd 2017
Decreased memory usage during sync
Overlay icons: Lower CPU usage
Allow to not sync the server's external storages by default
Switch Windows and OS X build to Qt 5.6.2
Switch to new ownCloud server WebDAV endpoint
Chunking NG: New file upload chunking algorithm for the upcoming ownCloud server 10.0
Allow to sync a folder to multiple different servers (Filename change from .csync_journal.db to _sync_$HASH.db)
Conflicts: Use the local mtime for the conflict file name (#5273)
"Sync now" menu item
SSL Client certificate support improved (Show UI, Store keys in keychain)
Propagator: Upload more small files in parallel
Sync Engine: Read data-fingerprint property to detect backups (#2325)
GUI: Show link to ceate an app password/token for syncing
Share dialog: Add 'Mail link' button
Caja file manager plugin
Make "backup detected" message to not trigger in wrong cases
SyncEngine: Fix renaming of folder when file are changed (#5192)
Fix reconnect bug if status.php intermittently returns wrong data (#5188)

2016/09/28 ver 2.2.4

Release 2.2.4 September 27th 2016
Dolphin Plugin: Use the Application name for the socket path (#5172)
SyncEngine: Fix renaming of folder when file are changed (#5195)
Selective Sync: Fix HTTP request loop and show error in view (#5154)
ConnectionValidator: properly handle error in status.php request (#5188)
Discovery: Set thread priority to low (#5017)
ExcludeFiles: Fix when the folder casing is not the same in the settings and in the FS
ShareLink: Ensure the password line edit is enabled (#5117)
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Sources (PGP signature)
(PGP signature)

2016/08/09 ver 2.2.3

Release 2.2.3 August 8th 2016
SyncEngine: Fix detection of backup (#5104)
Fix bug with overriding URL in config (#5016)
Sharing: Fix bug with file names containing percent encodes (#5042, #5043)
Sharing: Permissions for federated shares on servers >=9.1 (#4996, #5001)
Overlays: Fix issues with file name casing on OS X and Windows
Windows: Skip symlinks and junctions again (#5019)
Only accept notification API Capability if endpoint is OCS-enabled (#5034)
Fix windows HiDPI (#4994)
SocketAPI: Use different pipe name to avoid unusual delay (#4977)
Tray: Add minimal mode as workaround and testing tool for Linux issues (#4985, #4990)
owncloudcmd: Fix --exclude regression #4979
Small memleak: Use the full file stat destructors (#4992)
Fix small QAction memleak (#5008)
Fix crash on shutting down during propagation (#4979)
Decrease memory usage during sync (#4979)
Fix a deadlock when shutting down during discovery (#4993)
Setup csync logging earlier to get all log output (#4991)
Enable Shibboleth debug view with OWNCLOUD_SHIBBOLETH_DEBUG env

2016/06/22 ver 2.2.2

Release 2.2.2 June 21st 2016
Excludes: Don't redundantly add the same exclude files (#4967, #4988)
Excludes: Only log if the pattern was really logged. (#4989)

2016/06/07 ver 2.2.1

Release 2.2.1 June 6th 2016
Fix out of memory error when too many uploads happen (#4611)
Fix display errors in progress display (#4803, #4856)
LockWatcher: Remember to upload files after they become unlocked (#4865)
Fix overlay icons for files with umlauts (#4884)
Certs: Re-ask for different cert after rejection (#4898, #4911)
Progress: Don't count items without propagation jobs (#4856, #4910)
Utility: Fix for the translation of minutes, second (#4855)
SyncEngine: invalid the blacklist entry when the rename destination change
Several fixes to speed up reconnect after connection changes
Updater: Fix small memory leak
Linux: Revert forced HiDPI detection settings (#4840, #4861)