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タイトル Focus
URL https://heyfocus.com/
バージョン 1.8.11   1.8.11b   1.8.10   1.8.9   1.7.11   1.7.1   1.7.0   1.4.20  
更新日 2018/05/29
追加日 2016/03/10
種別 シェアウェア(19.99ドル)
説明 生産性の妨げになるWebサイトやアプリケーションを一定時間強制的にブロックすることができるアプリ。


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2018/05/29 ver 1.8.11

1.8.11 — May 28, 2018
Fixed bug with disabling schedule while password mode enabled ⇩ Download Focus-1.8.11.zip

2018/05/29 ver 1.8.11b

1.8.11b — May 28, 2018
A minor update that fixes bugs and adds a long awaited feature, Do Not Disturb mode
Added Do Not Disturb mode to Focus
Fixed bug with disabling schedule while password mode enabled
This release is currently in beta testing and will be released soon.
⇩ Download Beta Focus-1.8.11b.zip

2018/05/23 ver 1.8.10

1.8.10 — May 23, 2018
Minor update that adds deeper method for application blocking
Added ability to block applications by bundle identifier
Removed synchronization due to conflicts while saving
Fix bug that crashed Focus in some cases ⇩ Download Focus-1.8.10.zip
A minor update to change vendor libraries.
Updated vendor libraries ⇩ Download Focus-1.8.9.zip
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2018/04/15 ver 1.8.9

Learn about what's changed with Focus in the recent versions.
The changelog covers recent changes made to Focus (download the latest release).
1.8.9 — April 05, 2018
A minor update that changes pricing and default licenses.
Changed Focus pricing
All Focus licenses get 5 activations by default
Added Focus Team License
Updated vendor libraries ⇩ Download Focus-1.8.9.zip
1.8.8 — April 03, 2018
A minor update that fixes a crash and Opera support.
Fix bug with Opera support
Fix crashing bug with favicon ⇩ Download Focus-1.8.8.zip
1.8.7 — February 12, 2018
Major release that adds a new native browser and bug fixes.
Native Opera support
Fix bugs with logging causing crash ⇩ Download Focus-1.8.7.zip
1.8.6 — December 15, 2017
Minor release that fixes a bug.

2017/07/19 ver 1.7.11

The changelog covers recent changes made to Focus (download the latest release).
v1.7.11 — July 18, 2017
Lots of bug fixes and addresses some long-standing issues! Last big release before 1.8.0!
Fixed long-standing issue with multiple versions of Focus running 
Changed preferences window to show up in dock and app switcher
Added more advanced preferences in menu bar
Fixed Focus icon size in menubar
Fixed bug with schedule not re-enabling in some cases
Fixed bug starting timer from menubar icon
Fixed bug with custom focus time hours not calculating properly
Added throttle to control block speed
Lots of other bug fixes
v1.7.8 — July 14, 2017
Lot's of bug fixes and some big new features!
Added new themes for block page
Added ability to control breaks in preferences
Added new welcome screen for first-run
Fixed application blocking for apps with launchers (like League of Legends)
Fixed drag and drop bug

2017/06/12 ver 1.7.1

v1.7.1 — June 11, 2017
A minor release that fixes a bug introduced to the 1.7.0 release.
Fixed browsers opening when waking computer

2017/06/10 ver 1.7.0

v1.7.0 — June 9, 2017
A major release that implements a new blocking procedure.
Changed core blocking in Focus to be more straightforward
Removed requirement for accessibility permissions
Various bug fixes
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Made by Brad Jasper

2016/03/10 ver 1.4.20