タイトル CloneApp
URL http://www.mirinsoft.com/
バージョン 2.02.177   2.01.155   2.01.151   2.00.134   2.00.122   2.00.100   1.20.812   1.20.800   1.19.790   1.18.778   1.17.760  
更新日 2018/05/04
追加日 2016/03/10
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Windows環境の再設定に必要となる情報をプログラムディレクトリからバックアップすることができるツール。


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2018/05/04 ver 2.02.177

Changelog v2.02.177
- Added confirmation dialog whether a Backup should be performed
- Fixed critical Bug in Import of custom Themes (in some cases a disabled Hamburger menu could lead to a crash of CloneApp)
- Optimized Theme customizations function (the "Options" section in theme.ini overrides CloneApp options, also if the theme Status is disabled)
- Redesigned Info window
- Added support for Free Download Manager 5
- Optimized support for Windows Local Group Policy
- Optimized Update check function
- Optimized UI of left Navigation panel incl. Hamburger menu
- Several minor spelling improvements
- Several UI Improvements
- Minor bug fixes

2018/04/27 ver 2.01.155

Changelog v2.01.155
- Fixed critical Bug in saving Configuration settings function
- Fixed Bug in Importing custom Theme files

2018/04/24 ver 2.01.151

Changelog v2.01.151
- Redesigned Context-menu of Hamburger menu
- Optimized UI of Hamburger menu
- Optimized UI of Navigation panel
- Optimized UI of Statusbar
- Optimized Plug-in Detection function
- Added support for SyncBackFree
- Optimized support for IrfanView x64-bit
- Optimized support for several other Plug-ins
- Updated Documentation
- Optimized Theme customization
- Several minor UI Improvements
- Several minor spelling improvements
- Minor Bug fixes

2018/04/18 ver 2.00.134

Changelog v2.00.134
- Optimized Program Icon
- Optimized Rules for running external Apps/Plug-ins. The command "ExternalPlug" has been changed to "PlugEx".
- Optimized UI of Hamburger menu and left Navigation panel
- Optimized Restoration function (searches for a recent backup) and added confirmation dialog whether a Restoration should be started.
- Optimized Theme customization
- Added new External Plug-in "Installed Software" (Nirsoft Utility MyUinstaller)
- Optimized External Plug-in "Product keys"
- Optimized support for Maxthon Cloud Browser
- Optimized UI of About window
- Updated Documentation to v2.xx
- Several minor Bug fixes
- Several minor UI Improvements
Changelog v2.00.100 - FINAL

2018/04/13 ver 2.00.122

Changelog v2.00.122
- Fixed a critial bug in the Plug-in version information module (Version informations were not displayed)
- Optimized Plug-in Import function (If the My Apps folder is enabled, Plug-ins will be automatically imported by default to this directory)
- Optimized UI of left Navigation panel (cleaner fonts/size)
- Fixed critical bug in the plug-in rules RunCommand and ExternalPlug (In some cases the commands were not executed)
- Fixed critical bug in Import of theme files (if none theme file was selected, CloneApp has crashed)
- Added real time refreshing of Plug-in informations after updates with the internal Plug-in editor
- Several UI/Resize Improvements in the Plug-in information module
- Fixed bug in theme customizations (RGB values for hamburger menu were not correctly set)
- Updated support for JDownloader 2.0, Smart Defrag 5, Everything, WinMerge
- Added donation link to the hamburger/main menu
- Several mimor bug fixes

2018/04/11 ver 2.00.100

Changelog v2.00.100
- Complete new ui resign (minimalistic, structured and clean. Works without any graphics and fits to the Windows 10 modern ui)
- Lean and faster code (40 % faster initialization compared to the first edition of CloneApp, less memory usage)
- Slimmed .EXE up to 30% (Without .ico file CloneApp weighs 450kb. Some not so poluar features like the Custom apps section where removed for now)
- New Desktop icon file (clear up to 256x256 px)
- Several plug-ins have been optimized and cleaned up (these are still downwardly compatible to the first edition of CloneApp)
- Added theme customizations (based on theme.ini in Data folder of CloneApp)
- Optimized Windows 10 support (better code and suitable ui)
- Optimized interal Plug-in editor
- Optimized Preview/Detection mode
- Optimized Restoration function
- Added optiomized German localization file (In addition to the English language file, this is also officially supported.)
- Several minor code optimizations
- Several runtime improvements
- Several minor spelling optimizations
- Several minor bug fixes

2018/02/08 ver 1.20.812

Changelog v1.20.812
- Optimized Detection Mode of Installed Apps (detected Apps are logged in Status windows during detection)
- Removed Contextmenu "List selected" (entry "mnuListPlugs" can be removed from localizatzion)
- Optimized support for Paint.NET
- Update Copyright Info
- Minor UI Improvements

2017/10/16 ver 1.20.800

Changelog v1.20.800
- Several internal code Optimizations
- Optimized support for Windows 10
- Updated support for Paint.NET
- Minor UI Improvements

2016/12/06 ver 1.19.790

Changelog v1.19.790
- Due to several false positives, the changes made for DEP Compatibility in the last Version v1.18.778 were now reversed
(For more information: http://www.mirinsoft.com/index.php/forum/cloneapp-bug-reporting/348-bug-and-solution-to-cloneapp-won-t-launch)
- Several internal Code optimizations

2016/07/24 ver 1.18.778

Changelog v1.18.778
- Optimized editing of Plug-ins with the internal ЯppEditorァ (the Editor can be leaved with key)
- Optimized MouseOver events in left UI Navigation panel
- Edited #EXAMPLE PLG.txt in Plug-ins directory
- Minor Bug fixes

2016/07/03 ver 1.17.760

Changelog v1.17.760
- Changed program caption now to "CloneApp" only
- Optimized "Backup Plug-ins" (Advanced) function
- Optimized Contribution function
- Fixed minor Bug in Plug-in Import function
- Added support for AnyDesk, FastStone Capture, PTGui, STDU Viewer
- Updated support for Fences
- Added Russian Localization (Download: http://www.mirinsoft.com/index.php/forum/cloneapp-language-files/390-cloneapp-russian-language-file)
- Minor UI Improvements