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Pc   ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client]


タイトル ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client]
URL http://pingpong-abc.sourceforge.net/
バージョン 3.1   3.0.1b   3.0   2.6.9   2.6.8   2.6.7   2.6.6a   2.6.5   2.6.4a   2.6.1  
更新日 2005/10/03
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 使いやすいBittorrentクライアント。







2005/10/03 ver 3.1

Latest version of ABC is Version 3.1
Version 3.1
Single port core
Several improvements to reduce cpu usage, display flicker, and otherwise cut down on undesirable behavior
Some instances of 100% CPU usage bug may be fixed
Should be able to run as a non-admin user
Toolbars and context menu can now be customized
Torrent list colors now customizable
Advanced Details window
Now customizable
Separated "File Info" into "File Info" and "Torrent Info"
Added more information to "Torrent Info"
Torrent Maker
Added support for more fields
No longer scraping trackers that don't support scraping
Updated to Python 2.4.2
Updated to wxPython 2.6.1
Updated to py2exe 0.6.2

2005/06/22 ver 3.0.1b

Latest version of ABC is Version 3.0.1b
Version 3.0.1b
(3.0.1b - fixed WebService)
Updated to BitTornado 0.3.12 core (includes various fixes)
Updated to wxPython 2.6.0
More things can be done via menus
Should have slightly lower cpu usage
Better shutdown behavior
Preferences window should appear a little more quickly
More strings added to language file

2005/03/22 ver 3.0

Latest version of ABC is Version 3.0
Version 3.0
Download rate limiting
Upload Rate Manager (URM): automatically start new torrents if upload bandwidth falls below a given threshold.
File priority selection for multi-file torrents
Click on column headings to sort by that column
Right-click on columns to enable/disable columns
New preferences dialog
Unified torrent details window
Logging for torrent status messages
Updated webservice protocol
Fixes for issues reading/writing config files
Support for additional parameters for the BitTornado core

2004/07/14 ver 2.6.9

Latest version of ABC is Version 2.6.9
Version 2.6.9
New language file format -- it's now easier than ever to switch between languages and develop new language files for ABC
LOTS of Misc. bug fixes (including that nasty one in 2.6.8 when removing multiple torrents)
More dialogs are dynamically sized
(text strings in languages other than English should fit better in some cases)
You can change Local upload settings for multiple torrents at once
Better duplicate torrent detection
Other things I've probably forgotten to mention

2004/06/01 ver 2.6.8

ABC [ Yet Another Bittorrent Client ]
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Change Log
Latest version of ABC is Version 2.6.8
Version 2.6.8
You can now move multiple torrents at once
(move up, move down, move to top, move to bottom)
Misc. bug fixes
Updated Preferences Dialog
You can now set the default priority for new torrents
Processor affinity should default to the first processor on multiprocessor systems
Client ID reports as: ABC-2.6.8 (ABC 2.6.8 BitTornado 0.2.0 based)
Build instructions now included with source package
Version 2.6.7
Now using BitTornado 0.2.0

2004/05/24 ver 2.6.7

lastest version is version 2.6.7(05-21-2004)
2.6.7 :ABC-win32-v2.6.7.EXE
source code : ABC-Win32-V.2.6.7.zip

2004/05/22 ver 2.6.6a

lastest version is version 2.6.6a(05-21-2004)
2.6.6a :ABC-win32-v2.6.6a.EXE
source code : ABC-Win32-V.2.6.6a.zip

2004/03/05 ver 2.6.5

lastest version is version 2.6.5(04-03-2004)
2.6.5 :ABC-win32-v2.6.5.EXE
source code : ABC-Win32-V.2.6.5.rar
[Thanks, Mitsurugi]
[Thanks, M.Schmid]
[in progress]
you have to install ABC english version 2.6.5 first. and then
download your language package, extract abc.exe replace your
old english version abc.exe

2004/03/03 ver 2.6.4a


2003/12/13 ver 2.6.1