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タイトル qBittorrent
URL http://www.qbittorrent.org/index.php
バージョン 4.1.3   4.1.2   4.1.1   4.1.0   4.0.4   4.0.3   4.0.2   4.0.1   4.0.0   3.3.15   3.3.14  
更新日 2018/09/19
追加日 2016/03/24
種別 フリーソフト
説明 マルチプラットフォーム対応の高機能BitTorrentクライアント


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2018/09/19 ver 4.1.3

Latest: v4.1.3
Tuesday September 18th 2018 - qBittorrent v4.1.3 release
qBittorrent v4.1.3 was released.
FEATURE: Preselect name without extension when renaming files (thalieht)
FEATURE: Allow setting seq & first/last from context menu without metadata (thalieht)
BUGFIX: Show "N/A" if there is no scrape (thalieht)
BUGFIX: Save option about tracker favicons under correct key (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: When file data are unreachable pause torrent and show "Missing Files" status (temporary fix) (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Don't disable DHT when using force proxy (Thomas Piccirello)
BUGFIX: Correctly save torrent queue position/state/priority changes in fastresume (glassez, thalieht, sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix icon height/width ratio (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix values sorted wrong in "Last Activity" column (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Replace png icons with svg (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Allow WebUI sidebar filters to be hidden (Thomas Piccirello)
WEBUI: Increase WebUI Options initial height (Thomas Piccirello)
WEBUI: Adjust WebUI Options form alignment (Thomas Piccirello)
WEBUI: Fix WebUI unreachable issue (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Require torrent category creation to be explicit (Thomas Piccirello)
WEBUI: Include category save path in web api sync data (Thomas Piccirello)

2018/08/13 ver 4.1.2

Latest: v4.1.2
Sunday August 12th 2018 - qBittorrent v4.1.2 release
qBittorrent v4.1.2 was released.
FEATURE: New options for "inhibit sleep" (Lukas Greib)
FEATURE: Add option for regexps in the transferlist search filter's context menu (thalieht)
FEATURE: Add async io threads option to AdvancedSettings (tjjh89017)
FEATURE: Allow save resume interval to be disabled (Chocobo1)
FEATURE: Add checkbox for recursive download dialog (Chocobo1)
FEATURE: Add changelog link in program updater (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Avoid allocating large memory when loading a .torrent file (Couchy)
BUGFIX: Notify users on 1st time close/minimize to tray (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix I/O error after fetching magnet metadata (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Never save resume data for already paused torrents (glassez)
BUGFIX: Make ProgramUpdater upgrade to 64-bit qbt when running on 64-bit Windows (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Put temporary files in qbt own temp folder (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Avoid potentially setting the wrong piece priorities (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Various code refactorings/improvements (Chocobo1, thalieht, glassez)
BUGFIX: Add options "Download in sequential order" and "Download first and last pieces first" in AddNewTorrentDialog (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Download favicon using appropriate protocol (glassez)

2018/05/28 ver 4.1.1

Latest: v4.1.1
Sunday May 27th 2018 - qBittorrent v4.1.1 release
qBittorrent v4.1.1 was released.
Important fixes are in the version of libtorrent used. It fixes SOCKS5 issues and and tracker announces about downloaded/uploaded data.
FEATURE: Add 'Moving' state for torrents being relocated/moved (sledgehammer999)
FEATURE: Show rechecking progress (sledgehammer999)
FEATURE: Add option to remember last used save path (glassez)
FEATURE: Torrent name is also renamed if the content was renamed in the "Add New Torrent" dialog (glassez)
FEATURE: Relax behavior of "Download first and last piece first". It applies to all files and not only to the previewable. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix issues with translatable strings (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix displayed tracker messages (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Make settings file recovery more robust (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Retry saving settings when operation failed (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Log successful torrent move (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix deletion of old logs (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Delete non-commited fastresume files (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Don't migrate torrents that have newer fastresumes (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix adding multiple torrents at once from WebUI (glassez)
BUGFIX: Improve "Run External Program" behavior. On Windows, a backslash isn't appended to paths from path variables (Chocobo1)

2018/05/06 ver 4.1.0

Latest: v4.1.0
Friday May 5th 2018 - qBittorrent v4.1.0 release
qBittorrent v4.1.0 was released.
This is a major version bump purely because there was a ton of code commits from the last one.
There a new v2 WebAPI now, but v1 is still supported too.
The Windows 32-bit installer now uses Qt 5.6.3 instead of 5.7.1. The 5.6.3 version is an LTS release and newer than the 5.7.1 version. The 5.7.x series don't offer something useful for our usage.
FEATURE: Add "Coalesce reads & writes" checkbox in advanced options (Chocobo1)
FEATURE: Smart Filter for RSS (Stephen Dawkins)
FEATURE: Possibility to configure at which speed a torrent is considered slow (thalieht)
FEATURE: When creating a torrent you can choose to preserve the file order (toster, Chocobo1)
FEATURE: A new, redesigned and refactored WebAPI (glassez)
BUGFIX: Redefine CacheStatus.readRatio field. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Clarify some terms in stats dialog (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix possible crash when using both share limits (thalieht)
BUGFIX: Disable options when Disable connections not supported by proxies is enabled (Thomas Piccirello)
BUGFIX: Add link to an explanation of Disable connections not supported by proxies (Thomas Piccirello)
BUGFIX: Fix typo in a log message (Andrei Stepanov)
BUGFIX: Fix loading very large torrents. Closes #8449. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix reverting backslashes to slashes in run external program. Closes #7800 (Chocobo1)

2018/02/16 ver 4.0.4

Latest: v4.0.4
Friday February 16th 2018 - qBittorrent v4.0.4 release
qBittorrent v4.0.4 was released.
FEATURE: Add source field in Torrent creator. Closes #7965. (Chocobo1)
FEATURE: Torrent creator: raise maximum piece size to 32 MiB (Chocobo1)
FEATURE: Add a force reannounce option in the transfer list context menu. Closes #6448. (Jesse Bryan)
BUGFIX: Fix sorting of country flags column in Peers tab. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix natural sorting when the common part of 2 strings ends partially in a number which continues in the uncommon part. Closes #8080 #6732. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix application of speed limits on LAN and 亮TP connections. Closes #7745. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Make peer information flags in peerlist more readable. (thalieht)
BUGFIX: Fix gui issues on high DPI monitor. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix dialog and column size on high DPI monitors. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix constant status of '[F] Downloading'. Closes #7628. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix translation context. Closes #8211. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Separate subnet whitelist options into two lines. (Thomas Piccirello)
BUGFIX: Don't set application name twice. (Lu鱈s Pereira)
BUGFIX: Set default file log size to 65 KiB and delete backup logs older than 1 month. (sledgehammer999)
WEBUI: Only prepend scheme when it is not present. Closes #8057. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Add "Remaining" and "Availability" columns to webui Content tab. (Thomas Piccirello)

2017/12/18 ver 4.0.3

Latest: v4.0.3
Sunday December 17th 2017 - qBittorrent v4.0.3 release
Some more bugs fixed.
macOS builds are available now too. Check the 4.0.0 changelog for the macOS specific new features.
v4.0.3 changelog:
BUGFIX: Add height padding to the transfer list icons. Closes #7951. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Allow to drag-n-drop URLs into mainwindow to initiate download. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix crash when fitlering search results. Stable sorting is removed. Closes #7952.(Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Fix missing qbt logo on login page in webUI. Closes #7953. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Add check to avoid type error after logout. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Use POST for logout command. This is to avoid browser being smart to prefetch the link then logging out the user. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Fix WebUI is not reachable via IPv6. (glassez)
WINDOWS: Disable the "?" help button in all dialogs on Windows. Closes #7365. Requires Qt 5.10. (Chocobo1)

2017/12/01 ver 4.0.2

Latest: v4.0.2
Friday December 1st 2017 - qBittorrent v4.0.2 release
This is a hotfix release too. It addresses some important RSS issues. macOS builds will follow.
NOTICE: If you find your torrents being paused instead of seeding, then right click on your torrent, choose Limit shario ratio... and adjust the setting.
v4.0.2 changelog:
BUGFIX: Fix crash on some systems when creating address object for Closes #7735. (sledgehammer999)
PERFORMANCE: Change MixedModeAlgorithm default to TCP. This was the v3_3_x default and should sustain higher speeds. Closes #7779. (Chocobo1)
PERFORMANCE: Stop logging IP filter parsing errors after a while, otherwise the GUI freezes or qBittorrent doesn't start. (sledgehammer999)
GUI: Implement stable sort. Rows in transfer list shouldn't flicker anymore. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Fix build when webui is disabled. (Heiko Becker)
RSS: Fix build because of missing header. Closes #7805. (thoradia)
RSS: Fix RSS parser. (glassez)
RSS: Implement Import/Export RSS rules in legacy(aka v3_3_x) format. (glassez)
RSS: Implement Import/Export RSS rules in JSON format. (glassez)
WINDOWS: Fixed blurry text under Windows by setting DPI awareness to default. (TheNicker)
LINUX: Fix i386 build. (Evgeny Lensky)

2017/11/22 ver 4.0.1

Latest: v4.0.1
Wednesday November 22nd 2017 - qBittorrent v4.0.1 release
This is a hotfix release. It is also build against newer libtorrent code that fixes connectivity issues with proxies.
v4.0.1 changelog:
BUGFIX: Fix crash on opening torrent/magnet (uninitialized pointer). Closes #7739 #7723. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Enable preferences Apply button when ip banlist is modified (Thomas Piccirello)
BUGFIX: Allow drag-n-drop magnet links to mainwindow. Closes #7742. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix crash when aborting a torrent creation process. Closes #7783. (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Correctly check if torrent passed during application start already exists. (sledgehammer999)
WEBUI: Add ip subnet whitelist for bypassing webui auth (Thomas Piccirello)
WEBUI: Fix logo missing in login page (Chocobo1)
COSMETIC: Fix english typo. (sledgehammer999)
OTHER: cmake: qtsingleapplication should always be built statically (luigino)

2017/11/20 ver 4.0.0

Latest: v4.0.0
Monday November 20th 2017 - qBittorrent v4.0.0 release
This is a major new release with a huge changelog. Enjoy!
v4.0.0 changelog:
FEATURE: Change qbittorrent logo. Issue #6467. (HVS, Atif Afzal, sledgehammer999)
FEATURE: New icon theme with SVG source, so we can scale it appropriately in the future. (Bert Verhelst)
FEATURE: Drop Qt 4 support. Raise minimum Qt version to 5.5.1 (evsh)
FEATURE: UI for managing locally banned IP list (dzmat)
FEATURE: Support for specifying where to save/load config files. Support for portable mode. (evsh)
FEATURE: It is now possible to pass options via ENV variables instead of cmd options. (evsh)
FEATURE: Allow to strip subfolder in multifile torrents. (glassez, sledgehammer999)
FEATURE: Allow cmd args to specify options when adding torrents. (Brian Kendall)
FEATURE: Widget for showing filesystem paths while typing. Used in the Add New Torrent and Options dialogs. (evsh)
FEATURE: Trackerlist: Allow to toggle columns (thalieht)
FEATURE: Add availability column to torrent content model and torrent properties window (evsh)
FEATURE: Implemented share limit by seeding time (naikel)
FEATURE: Revamp Torrent creator (Chocobo1)
FEATURE: Enable drag n drop to create torrent on mainwindow (Chocobo1)
FEATURE: Add show/hide statusbar option (takiz)

2017/08/04 ver 3.3.15

Latest: v3.3.15
Thursday August 3rd 2017 - qBittorrent v3.3.15 release
qBittorrent v3.3.15 was released. Very minor release to fix a possibly annoying problem.
3.4.0beta is being prepped and will be released this weekend. Stay tuned.
BUGFIX: Temporary subfolder wasn't being deleted. (glassez)

2017/07/20 ver 3.3.14

Latest: v3.3.14
Thursday July 20th 2017 - qBittorrent v3.3.14 release
qBittorrent v3.3.14 was released.
This release is made mainly to fix the previous problematic fix for Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks via the webui.
For macOS users: This is my first attempt to have a shortcut to Applications folder in the dmg. I hope that I didn't screw up the presentation.
Google has decided that qBittorrent is a persona non-grata. Read this reddit post for more info.
Either this weekend or the next one you will get a beta for v3.4.0. It has A LOT of new features so help in finding grave bugs. Keep checking back to see if it is posted.
BUGFIX: Set interface for outgoing traffic(libtorrent 1.1.x series). (evsh)
WEBUI: Relax CSRF defense. Closes #6882. Allow HTTP request which has neither Origin nor Referer header included. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Skip username/password check for active sessions (closes #6860) (Thomas Piccirello)
WEBUI: Fix javascript errors and follow best practices (Thomas Piccirello)
WEBUI: Fix value comparison. Closes #7081. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Avoid modifying request headers (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Implement HTTP host header filtering. This filtering is required to defend against DNS rebinding attack. Fixes security issues reported by @beardog108 privately. (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Add Status column to webui (addresses #6815) (#7032) (Tom Piccirello)
SEARCH: Pad shorter python versions. Closes #6877. (sledgehammer999)
WINDOWS: Updated Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Danish languages of the installer. (KingLucius, BouRock, thalieht, Andrei Stepanov, scootergrisen)