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Pc   Apache Wicket


タイトル Apache Wicket
URL http://wicket.apache.org/
バージョン 7.15.0   7.14.0   7.13.0   7.12.0   7.11.0   7.10.0   7.9.0   7.8.0   7.7.0   7.6.0   7.5.0  
更新日 2019/09/08
追加日 2016/03/29
種別 フリーソフト
説明 全てをオブジェクトとして表現するJavaのWebフレームワーク。







2019/09/08 ver 7.15.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.15.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.15.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.15.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.15.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.15.0-bin.zip

2019/05/29 ver 7.14.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.14.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.14.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.14.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.14.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.14.0-bin.zip

2019/04/07 ver 7.13.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.13.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.13.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.13.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.13.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.13.0-bin.zip

2019/02/07 ver 7.12.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.12.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.12.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.12.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.12.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.12.0-bin.zip

2018/12/05 ver 7.11.0

This is the previous stable, production ready release of Wicket. This
branch will continue to recieve new features, improvements, bug- and
security fixes.
However, this release will cease to receive updates in the future. You
really should consider upgrading to Wicket 8.x at your earliest
The most recent release in this branch is: 7.11.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.11.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.11.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.11.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.11.0-bin.zip
Verify distribution’s signature
PGP signatures can be verified as described on this page. The public key used to sign Wicket distributions can be found in the KEYS file.

2018/02/18 ver 7.10.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.10.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.10.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.10.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.10.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.10.0-bin.zip

2017/09/20 ver 7.9.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.9.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.9.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.9.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.9.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.9.0-bin.zip

2017/07/13 ver 7.8.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.8.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.8.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.8.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.8.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.8.0-bin.zip

2017/05/18 ver 7.7.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.7.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.7.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.7.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.7.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.7.0-bin.zip

2017/01/01 ver 7.6.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.6.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.6.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.6.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.6.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.6.0-bin.zip

2016/10/27 ver 7.5.0

The most recent release in this branch is: 7.5.0.
Download source apache-wicket-7.5.0.tar.gz
Download source apache-wicket-7.5.0.zip
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.5.0-bin.tar.gz
Download binaries apache-wicket-7.5.0-bin.zip