タイトル Arq for Mac
URL https://www.arqbackup.com/
バージョン 5.14.2   5.14.1   5.14   5.13.2   5.13.1   5.12.2   5.12.1   5.12   5.11.3   5.11.2  
更新日 2018/12/05
追加日 2016/04/13
種別 シェアウェア(49.99ドル)
説明 クラウドストレージ対応のバックアップソフト。


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2018/12/05 ver 5.14.2

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.14.2
December 4, 2018
Fixed Issues
If Wasabi returns a 503 error with an unexpected non-XML response body, sleep and retry instead of failing.
Added a workaround for Mojave where sometimes 2 Arq Agents could run for the same user at the same time. Changed the way Arq Agent checks for an already-running Arq Agent.

2018/10/25 ver 5.14.1

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.14.1
October 24, 2018
Do not allow entering a bucket name containing a slash.
Show size on disk in restore outline view.
Updated images in the help docs.
For S3 and S3-compatible destinations, send the Content-MD5 request header when doing a PUT instead of reading the Etag in the response header because some S3-compatible servers (e.g. minio) don't send an S3-compatible Etag response.

2018/10/25 ver

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version
September 25, 2018
Fixed Issues
Fixed screens which showed text in the wrong color when macOS is in dark mode.
September 25, 2018

2018/09/26 ver 5.14

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.14
August 23, 2018
New Features
Added a guide for giving Arq permission in Mojave to back up all files.
Fixed Issues
Fixed an issue where an S3-compatible destination with disallowed URL characters in the access key ID would not show all backup sets under the "RESTORE FILES" section.
Fixed an issue where objects intended for Glacier are initially created with Standard-IA storage class instead of Standard storage class.
If not on an allowed network, abort validation.
Fixed an issue where, in the case of multiple Wasabi destinations, not all Wasabi destinations were listed under "RESTORE FILES".

2018/08/23 ver 5.13.2

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.13.2
August 23, 2018
Fixed Issues
Fixed an issue with SFTP where in some cases, if there was a problem connecting to the SFTP server when writing a file, Arq would think it successfully wrote the file and would therefore fail to retry when the SFTP server became available.

2018/08/18 ver 5.13.1

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.13.1
August 17, 2018
New Features
Added support for B2 application keys.
Fixed Issues
Fixed an issue in search results where directories incorrectly showed a modification date of January 1, 1970.

2018/07/18 ver 5.12.2

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.12.2
July 17, 2018
Fixed Issues
Fixed an issue where multiple OneDrive accounts were sometimes not all displayed in the RESTORE FILES section of the main window.
Fixed an issue where errors with Arq's cache database could cause Arq to repeatedly retry and requery for data from the destination instead of logging the error and aborting the backup.
Fixed an issue which caused Arq to display an error message when calculating AWS usage if the IAM user doesn't have Glacier-related permissions.

2018/06/27 ver 5.12.1

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.12.1

2018/06/26 ver 5.12

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.12
June 26, 2018
New Features
Added support for Wasabi's new us-west-1 region.
Fixed Issues
Fixed an issue where an incorrect error message is displayed when updating S3 credentials for a destination.
Fixed an issue which could cause S3 requests to fail when the computer's time is later than GMT and GMT time is still the previous day.
Fixed an issue where a database of files identified by validation to rescan wasn't being properly deleted after rescan, causing file scanning to slow down.
Fixed a crash that could occur if Dropbox unexpectedly fails to return a content hash for an uploaded file.
Added additional email authentication "SASL LOGIN".

2018/04/06 ver 5.11.3

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.11.3
April 5, 2018
When adding a Wasabi destination, if the Wasabi user doesn't have 'ListAllMyBuckets' permission, Arq prompts for a bucket name to use instead of providing a list to choose from.
Added a workaround for occasional B2 "java.net.SocketTimeoutException" errors.
Truncate long file paths in the middle in the search results window to make it easier to find the file you're looking for.
Fixed an issue where script output wasn't being added to the session log.
If there's an error reading extended attributes of ACL of a file, proceed to backup the file contents anyway.
Fixed Issues
Fixed an issue where the 'Enforce Budget Now' menu item would fail to start budget enforcement.
Fixed an issue which would cause Arq's "arqs3glacierrestorer" helper program to prompt for keychain access permission (twice) the first time you restore from S3/Glacier.
Fixed an issue where validation could report errors for missing objects in a backup set originally created by Arq 4.
Fixed an issue where restore could stop with an error message instead of reporting the error and continuing.
If there's an error when sending the Arq log file, report the error.

2018/01/27 ver 5.11.2

Release Notes for Arq Backup Version 5.11.2
January 26, 2018
Fixed Issues
Fixed a crash that could occur when manually updating Arq to a new version.