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タイトル FastScripts
URL https://red-sweater.com/fastscripts/
バージョン 2.7.7   2.7.4   2.7.3   2.7.1   2.7   2.6.13   2.6.12   2.6.11   2.6.10  
更新日 2019/05/03
追加日 2016/04/19
種別 シェアウェア(9.95ドル)
説明 Apple ScriptやAutomator Workflowなどさまざまなスクリプトにショートカットを割り当てて実行できるツール。


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2019/05/03 ver 2.7.7

FastScripts 2.7.7
Fix a visual glitch with the focus ring displayed when editing a keyboard shortcut
Fix a bug that could prevent the menu icon color from adapting to Light/Dark Mode changes
Omit the file extensions for .applescript, .py, .rb, etc files in the script menu
FastScripts 2.7.6
Adapt script error panel to macOS Mojave's Dark Mode
Add usage explanation strings for requests via scripts to access Reminders, Photos, and Calendar information. This fixes a problem where scripts that attempted to automate these apps wouldn't prompt for user permission to do so.
FastScripts 2.7.5
FastScripts 2.7.5 was a Mac App Store-only update to fix a problem with Apple Event permissions.
FastScripts 2.7.2
FastScripts 2.7.1
FastScripts 2.7
FastScripts 2.3.1
FastScripts 2.3
FastScripts 2.2.9
FastScripts 2.2.7
Redesigned application icon.
FastScripts 2.2.6
Fix bug that caused changed "FS Menu Keyboard Shortcut" from taking effect

2018/12/05 ver 2.7.4

FastScripts 2.7.4
Fix the ordering of items in the script menu to be sorted by standard localized order
Fix a bug that could cause a renamed script to appear twice in the menu if only the case of the name was changed
Fix a bug that caused Quick Action Workflows to be offered for installation when attempting to edit them
Fix a bug that caused the focus on the shortcuts table to be lost after setting a shortcut value
Add a new FastScripts Help menu item to easily open help on the web

2018/08/30 ver 2.7.3

FastScripts 2.7.3
Remove FastScripts's custom "path to" handler as it appears the system handler behaves as we expect now
Add an Apple Events usage explanation string to accompany the system prompt for approving Apple Events
Fix a crash that occur when running JavaScript for Automation scripts
FastScripts 2.7.2
Fix a bug in 2.7.1 that prevented "path to" special folders from working as expected

2018/08/19 ver 2.7.1

FastScripts 2.7.1
Fix a bug in 2.7 that prevented "path to me" working as expected in scripts

2018/08/18 ver 2.7

FastScripts 2.7
Preliminary improvements for macOS Mojave 10.14
Fix an issue preventing running scripts that control other apps
Initial Dark Mode support for Mojave
Fix the "Automatically Check for Updates" option
Improved error reporting on script failures
Removed old, unused PowerPC code from app
Now requires macOS 10.12 or higher

2018/04/24 ver 2.6.13

FastScripts 2.6.13
Fix a bug introduced in 2.6.12 that could cause edited scripts to not be reloaded automatically when running them

2018/04/14 ver 2.6.12

FastScripts 2.6.12
Fix a bug that could cause aliases in script trees to not resolve properly
Fix a bug in folder modification tests that could cause unexpected script folder resyncing
Copyright © 2018 Red Sweater Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2017/01/06 ver 2.6.11

FastScripts 2.6.11
Add NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching to Info.plist to avoid depending on high power GPU
Workaround a bug that could cause FastSripts to crash when waking a Touch Bar Mac from sleep
Copyright © 2017 Red Sweater Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2016/04/19 ver 2.6.10