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I screenshot1   Firewall App Blocker


タイトル Firewall App Blocker
URL http://www.sordum.org/
バージョン 1.6   1.5   1.4  
更新日 2017/04/22
追加日 2016/04/19
種別 フリーソフト
説明 該当ウィンドウの通信を簡単にブロックできる個人向けのファイアウォールソフト。


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2017/04/22 ver 1.6

Web Tools
Hash Tool
Password Generator
Convert Case
Base64 Tool
HTML Entity Decoder
URL Decoder/Encoder
My IP Address
Firewall App Blocker (Fab) v1.6
Author | April 21, 2017
Easy Service Optimizer v1.2
Author | April 17, 2017
All Windows versions load many services at startup. Most of them (not all) are essential to the core system features. By disabling unnecessary services, performance can be can be improved significantly
Ntfs Drive Protection v1.5
Author | March 10, 2017
USB flash drives help us transfer files to and from desktop to laptop, or to share files with others. They make life easier, but if the flash drive is infected with a virus, not only could you lose the
BlueLife KeyFreeze v1.4 (Block keyboard and mouse)
Author | February 27, 2017
KeyFreeze is a FREE Windows application that blocks your keyboard and mouse without “locking” the screen. So your kids can safely watch a cartoon or have a videochat with their grandparents

2017/02/07 ver 1.5

Firewall App Blocker (Fab) v1.5
Author | February 7, 2017
In Windows, you can use Windows Firewall to block or unblock certain applications, but it doesn’t offer an easy-to-use interface for its advanced features. If you want to block an application from accessing the internet,
Dns Jumper v2.1
Author | January 5, 2017
DNS, or domain name system, is the internet protocol that turns human readable website names (such as sordum.org) into machine readable numeric addresses. In some cases, you can improve browsing speed
PowerRun v1.1 (Run with highest privileges)
Author | September 8, 2016
PowerRun is a portable freeware to launch regedit.exe , Cmd.exe or other software with the same privileges as the TrustedInstaller / Nt Authority/system Why would you need it? Sometimes it is just not enough to just be running
AskAdmin v1.4
Author | July 30, 2016
AskAdmin is designed to restrict the usage of Windows applications and is ideal for those with children, or for computers in a business environment . You can quickly block any program installed on your computer,
Simple VHD Manager v1.3
Author | July 14, 2016
A VHD is a large container file that simulates the file structure of a hard drive. Think of it as a fancy ZIP file, but without the compression. VHDs are single files and are most commonly used as
ReIcon v1.7 (Restore Desktop Icon Layouts)
Author | March 18, 2016
ReIcon is portable freeware that enables you to save and restore your desktop layout. If you frequently change your screen resolution (e.g. to play games or use applications that require a specific
Dns jumper - 1726219

2016/04/19 ver 1.4