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タイトル Black Ink
URL https://red-sweater.com/blackink/
バージョン 1.6.11   1.6.10   1.6.9   1.6.8   1.6.7   1.6.6   1.6.5   1.6.3  
更新日 2018/10/03
追加日 2016/04/21
種別 シェアウェア(9.95ドル)
説明 Mac用のクロスワードパズルゲーム。


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2018/10/03 ver 1.6.11

Black Ink 1.6.11
Update puzzle information for American Values Club

2018/06/20 ver 1.6.10

Black Ink 1.6.10
This update addresses a problem that prevented some puzzle downloads over HTTPS secure connections from completing as expected.
Copyright © 2018 Red Sweater Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2017/10/22 ver 1.6.9

Black Ink 1.6.9
Fix downloads from the premium AV Club puzzle source.

2017/06/04 ver 1.6.8

Black Ink 1.6.8
Fix a login problem with some authenticated puzzle sources.

2017/01/21 ver 1.6.7

Black Ink 1.6.7
Fix a problem where puzzle grid answers could shift slightly while solving
Add NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching to Info.plist to depending on high power GPU
Workaround a bug that could cause Black Ink to crash when waking a Touch Bar Mac from sleep

2017/01/10 ver 1.6.6

Black Ink 1.6.6
Tabbing to a new word now skips completed words when "Move to Blank" preference is set
Fix a crash that could occur when opening a damaged puzzle file
Fix a UI glitch that caused multi-character entry focus ring to be wider on one side
Eliminate some issues caused by entering single-character answer in multi-character entry mode
Copyright © 2017 Red Sweater Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

2016/09/25 ver 1.6.5

Black Ink 1.6.5
Disable system window tabbing on macOS Sierra, because it doesn't work well with puzzle document windows
Black Ink 1.6.4
Black Ink 1.6.4
Update to use more secure HTTPS based URLs when connecting to Red Sweater's web site

2016/04/21 ver 1.6.3