タイトル Base 2
URL https://menial.co.uk/base/
バージョン 2.4.11   2.4.10  
更新日 2017/03/22
追加日 2016/04/26
種別 シェアウェア(2500円)
説明 SQLite3データベースを作成、編集、閲覧することができるデータベース管理アプリ。


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2017/03/22 ver 2.4.11

Base 2.4.11 Released
March 21, 2017
Base 2.4.11 is now available to download for direct sale, Setapp and Mac App Store users.
This update fixes a bug causing Base to sometimes crash when re-opening a database on launch. It also updates to SQLite version 3.17.0.
Base 2.4.11 can be downloaded from the product page, Setapp or the Mac App Store.
As always, release notes are available and if you’ve found a bug or have a question, please do get in touch.
Base on Setapp
January 25, 2017
Base is now available on Setapp, a new service from MacPaw which gives you access to more than 50 great apps for $9.99 per month, with a month’s free trial to start.
When you subscribe to Setapp, you have unlimited access to a curated library of useful apps. There are no upgrade fees, no ads, and no in-app purchases. One fixed fee gets you all of it.
Go ahead and try Setapp. I think you’ll like it.
InkStamp - A rubber stamp sticker pack for iMessage
September 13, 2016
I’ve made something small and fun. A rubber stamp sticker pack for iOS 10!
It’s a collection of iMessage stickers in the style of rubber stamps. There are stamps for likes and dislikes,
reactions, star ratings, and a bunch of other odds and ends.
Here’s a couple of images showing them in use:

2016/04/26 ver 2.4.10