タイトル JSONedit
URL http://tomeko.net/software/JSONedit/
バージョン 0.9.30   0.9.29   0.9.28   0.9.27   0.9.26   0.9.25   0.9.24   0.9.23   0.9.22   0.9.21   0.9.20  
更新日 2018/06/18
追加日 2016/05/31
種別 フリーソフト
説明 テキストビューとツリービューが併用できるJSONエディタ。


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2018/06/18 ver 0.9.30

2018.06.17 Version 0.9.30 JSONedit_0_9_30.zip
more text is visible in NDJSON viewer directly (up to 400 characters per line)
ID (order starting from 0) is displayed for NDJSON lines
added: File/Reload and equivalent hotkey action type
checking if file was changed on disk (opt-in) with options to reload automatically; probably works best with "Reuse tree" option
added SetViewType(type) function where type = 0 for text, 1 for tree, 2 for list view; be careful when using in situations when view switching would be normally blocked (scripted array generator) as it may break coherency
added "on startup" and "on timer" script events
FIXED: no immediate view update and possible crash if SetJsonAsRoot() was used when list view was active
duplicated values search dialog can export results as CSV
default configuration: number of levels to auto expand increased from 1 to 3
increased configuration limit of levels to auto expand from 5 to 10
added hotkey actions:
"expand: default" - expanding nodes same way as after new JSON is loaded (roughly - to fill no more than single screen)
expand all
collapse all
search dialog: previously entered text (or text from active node) is selected when window is shown
Inverting bits
Par. resistors search
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2018/04/16 ver 0.9.29

2018.04.15 Version 0.9.29 JSONedit_0_9_29.zip
added hotkeys mechanism as in tSIP - binding key combination(s) to specified action(s)
action: running Lua script
actions: switching between compact and formatted JSON modes and reformatting
added Lua functions OpenNdjsonViewer() and LoadNdjsonFile(filename)
added Lua script examples (Help menu of Lua scripting window, can be saved as separate file and then be executed by hotkey)
fetching/loading HTTP content using curl and digest authentication
fetching/loading NDJSON from HTTP using curl
Lua scripting window is now not modal (except for cloning nodes function); multiple windows can be opened same time
list view: added "Expand tree to show selected nodes" menu item - showing more context for selected nodes
added File/Start new app instance menu item
Tools: Find duplicated values (from list view)
settings: added two color templates for tree and list view (colors are pretty much random) and template with default/system colors
Ctrl+F in list view moves focus to filter edit control
added "Paste text from clipboard" to NDJSON viewer
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2018/02/17 ver 0.9.28

2018.02.16 Version 0.9.28 JSONedit_0_9_28.zip
FIXED: crash after switching to list mode, switching to tree mode, deleting node and switching back to list mode
JSONL/LDJSON/NDJSON reader window can interpret whole file as array and load it as single JSON (assuming file is not too large)
selected array can be exported as JSONL/LDJSON/NDJSON (Tools menu)
"Node statistics" works also for node selected in list view (taking first selected node)
FIXED: node statistics was incorrectly classifying selected node always as named node
storing and loading snippets works also in list mode (taking first selected node)
Scintilla: added JSON lexer (different colors for keys and values, invalid syntax in red, also underline for links); previous lexer (C++) is left as default (Settings/Text View)
FIXED: margin width for text windows with line numbers was incorrectly calculated in some cases (e.g. after loading Palemoon bookmarks example and copying it four times below)
list view: number of children is displayed for objects and arrays
list view: added Ctrl+T as shortcut for "Go to tree"
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2017/12/17 ver 0.9.27

in previous structure, this is helpful when comparing two JSON files,
useful here that compact formatting) are easy to compare or merge
node names edited as multiline - most likely not useful, but allows testing
settings: option to automatically activate in-place value editor (same as assigned to F4) for newly added nodes
2017.12.16 Version 0.9.27 JSONedit_0_9_27.zip
FIXED: JSON generated by CSV import had names sorted alphabetically even if "preserve order" was selected in JSON settings
most windows can be now closed with Esc
default position for C++ class generator and relaxed JSON parser windows changed to centered over main window
List view: added "Select all siblings", "Select all children" (adding children to selection) and "Select all children after removing current selection" (selecting only children of currently selected nodes)
List view: "Add node(s)" context menu item splitted into adding as children and adding as siblings
List view: added "Replace/modify node(s)" using same dialog as for adding nodes
Lua: added GetText() function, returning whole document
Lua: added "on file open" event
Help: added RFC7493 (I-JSON / interoperability) and RFC8259 (Dec 2017 update for RFC7159)
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2017/10/22 ver 0.9.26

2017.10.21 Version 0.9.26 JSONedit_0_9_26.zip
added setting for string separating name from value in objects (default: " : "); together with indentation string this is supposed to allow to reduce VCS delta for files edited with JSONedit
FIXED: if last character of indent string was other than space (e.g. single tab was used) generated JSON contained extra newlines
updated Lua to version 5.3 (as in tSIP) and added some custom Lua functions
added Lua event mechanism (basically copied from tSIP), there is single "on file save" event at the moment with the purpose of extra formatting / postprocessing
new setting ("JSON" settings tab, opt-out): validate text as JSON when saving (applies to editing as text only, preventing accidentally saving invalid JSON)
added new menu item: File / Open current file directory
Tools: added JSON streaming viewer (newline separated JSON values: NDJSON/LDJSON/JSONL format)
modified settings window (categories on the left)
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2017/08/21 ver 0.9.25

2017.08.20 Version 0.9.25 JSONedit_0_9_25.zip
"Add node(s)" context menu function in list view; works with multiselect
adding new nodes to selected nodes as children or siblings
options to add primitive node types or JSON directly (for objects, arrays or complex structures)
dialog for changing parent node(s) to either object or array if required
changed settings format to JSON; application imports old config (.ini) file if new (.cfg) file is not found;
note: editing own settings from running application instance would not work as settings will be overwritten when closing application
added "Delete all siblings before node" to tree view
delaying list view refreshing when e.g. typing filter text if file contains more than 20000 nodes to prevent typing hiccups
FIXED: opening Lua script window was changing application title
FIXED: changing node type selection in list view using space key or context menu was not updating filter immediately
SHA1 calculator
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2017/06/11 ver 0.9.24

JSONedit is a simple JSON editor with text, tree and list view. Complete application (single executable file)
2017.06.09 Version 0.9.24 JSONedit_0_9_24.zip
added indentation string (e.g. 4 spaces or single tab, but any string can be used) setting for generated JSON text; current (3 spaces) is left as default
FIXED empty object processing in relaxed parser tool (following text was ignored)
List view:
Copy/Paste (popup menu + Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) for primitive values
Copy/Paste (popup menu only) for node names
added popup menu for node types selection: Select all/none/invert
added "Add children if parent is matching" filtering option
FIXED crash when generating JSON text from tree with duplicated node names when type of second node different than type of first node
CSV import dialog: window size changed to fixed
Bin decoder
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2017/04/23 ver 0.9.23

2017.02.11 Version 0.9.22 JSONedit_0_9_22.zip
2017.04.22 Version 0.9.23 JSONedit_0_9_23.zip
added "Remove obsolete files" and "Clear list" items to MRU lists in main window and Lua script window
added option to edit in-place tree node value on double click (like with F4)
nodes can be deleted from list view
added font selection for relaxed parser tool
FIXED empty array processing in relaxed parser tool
FIXED inconsistent state of node edit panel (showing old values until new node is selected after switching to text view, editing and switching back)
deleting root node resets it to empty object (also fixes "Invalid index" if switching to list view when tree is empty)
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2017/02/12 ver 0.9.22

2016.02.11 Version 0.9.22 JSONedit_0_9_22.zip
Tools menu: experimental, very relaxed pseudo-JSON parser,
alternative method of prototyping structures for further pasting into main editor
FIXED: no brace matching for JSON text view (incorrectly selected Lua highlighter since 0.9.16)
FIXED: edit panel was not updated (showing still values from document) when document was reloaded in tree view and no node was selected;
root node is now selected as default
FIXED: default directory for file open dialog was not updated if file was loaded using drag-and-drop
RTP pager
RTP pager: eth
Cpp -> text
Text -> Pascal
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2016/12/18 ver 0.9.21

to/from Unicode converter might come to help. Note: UTF-8 support is present in test version 0.10.
2016.12.17 Version 0.9.21 JSONedit_0_9_21.zip
FIXED: after Expand All / Expand # levels tree was scrolled to last expanded node - often seemingly random place
FIXED: scrolling through array with large number of items in list view was slow
FIXED: flickering for list view when e.g. scrolling (double buffering)
added font selection for list view
node (background + font) coloring works also in list view, sharing settings with tree view
list view: displaying filtered and total node count
Tools menu: export content of list view as CSV
added option to load automatically last file at startup
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2016/10/08 ver 0.9.20

2016.10.08 Version 0.9.20 JSONedit_0_9_20.zip
new view - list - focused on filtering and navigation
fast filtering similar to "Find" dialog
context menu: Go to tree
basic in-place value editing (Enter or double click, Enter to accept, Esc to abort)
Cpp -> text
WAVE generator
Bin decoder
AVR nano / scope
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