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更新日 2018/11/26
追加日 2016/06/01
種別 フリーソフト
説明 コマンドラインから使用する汎用ドキュメント変換ツール。







2018/11/26 ver 2.5

pandoc 2.5 (25 November 2018)
pandoc 2.5 (25 November 2018)
Remove ascii_identifiers from githubMarkdownExtensions. GitHub doesn’t seem to strip non-ascii characters any more.
Text.Pandoc.Lua.Module.Utils (Albert Krewinkel)
Improve stringify. Meta value strings (MetaString) and booleans (MetaBool) are now converted to the literal string and the lowercase boolean name, respectively. Previously, all values of these types were converted to the empty string.
Text.Pandoc.Parsing: Remove Functor and Applicative constraints where Monad already exists (Alexander Krotov).
Text.Pandoc.Pretty: Don’t render BreakingSpace at end of line or beginning of line (#5050).
Fix parsing of citations, quotes, and underline emphasis after symbols. Starting with pandoc 2.4, citations, quoted inlines, and underline emphasis were no longer recognized after certain symbols, like parentheses (#5099, #5053).
Text.Pandoc.Readers.FB2: Do not throw error for unknown elements in <body> (Alexander Krotov). Some libraries include custom elements in their FB2 files.
Allow tfoot before body rows (#5079).
Parse <small> as a Span with class “small” (#5080).
Allow thead containing a row with td rather than th (#5014).
Cleaned up handling of dimension arguments. Allow decimal points, preceding space.
Don’t allow arguments for verbatim, etc.
Allow space before bracketed options.

2018/11/04 ver 2.4

pandoc 2.4 ( 3 November 2018)
New features
Behavior changes
API changes
Bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements
Default template changes
Documentation improvements
Build infrastructure improvements
pandoc (2011-01-31)
pandoc 2.4 ( 3 November 2018)
New features
New input format man (Yan Pashkovsky, John MacFarlane).
Behavior changes
--ascii now works with Markdown output. HTML5 character reference entities are used.
--ascii now works with LaTeX output. 100% ASCII output can’t be guaranteed, but the writer will use commands like \"{a} and \l whenever possible, to avoid emiting a non-ASCII character.
For HTML5 output, --ascii now uses HTML5 character reference entities rather than numerical entities.
Improved detection of format based on extension (in Text.Pandoc.App). We now ensure that if someone tries to convert a file for a format that has a pandoc writer but not a reader, it won’t just default to markdown.
Add viz. to abbreviations file (#5007, Nick Fleisher).
AsciiDoc writer: always use single-line section headers, instead of the old underline style (#5038). Previously the single-line style would be used if --atx-headers was specified, but now it is always used.

2018/09/29 ver 2.3.1

pandoc 2.3.1 (28 September 2018)
pandoc 2.3.1 (28 September 2018)
RST reader:
Parse RST inlines containing newlines (#4912, Francesco Occhipinti). This eliminates a regression introduced after pandoc 2.1.1, which caused inline constructions containing newlines not to be recognized.
Fix bug with internal link targets (#4919). They were gobbling up indented content underneath.
Org reader:
Force inline code blocks to honor export options (Brian Leung).
Parse empty argument array in inline src blocks (Brian Leung).
Muse reader (Alexander Krotov):
Added additional tests.
Do not allow code markup to be followed by digit.
Remove heading level limit.
Simplify <literal> tag parsers
Parse Text instead of String. Benchmark shows 7% improvement.
Get rid of HTML parser dependency.
Various code improvements.
ConTeXt writer: change \ to / in Windows image paths (#4918). We do this in the LaTeX writer, and it avoids problems. Note that / works as a LaTeX path separator on Windows.
LaTeX writer:
Add support for multiprenote and multipostnote arguments with --biblatex (Brian Leung, #4930). The multiprenotes occur before the first prefix of a multicite, and the multipostnotes follow the last suffix.

2018/09/17 ver 2.3

pandoc 2.3 (16 September 2018)
pandoc (7 August 2018)
pandoc (6 August 2018)
pandoc 2.2.3 (5 August 2018)
pandoc 2.3 (16 September 2018)
Add --metadata-file option (Mauro Bieg, #1960), which allows users to specify metadata in a YAML file, regardless of the input format (#1960).
Text.Pandoc.Writers.Shared: export isDisplayMath (API change).
Text.Pandoc.Readers.Markdown: export yamlToMeta (API change, Mauro Bieg).
New type ArgSpec (API change).
Second parameter of Macro constructor is now [ArgSpec] instead of Int (API change).
Markdown reader:
Refactor and reorganize YAML code (Mauro Bieg).
Make example_lists work for interrupted lists without startnum (#4908).
HTML reader:
Parse <script type="math/tex tags as math (#4877). These are used by MathJax in some configurations.
Extract spaces inside links instead of trimming them (Alexander Krotov, #4845).
Added round-trip tests (Alexander Krotov).
Make parsing sensitive to the raw_tex extension (#1126). This now allows raw LaTeX environments, \ref, and \eqref to be parsed (which is helpful for translation HTML documents using MathJaX).

2018/08/08 ver

pandoc ( 7 August 2018)
pandoc ( 7 August 2018)
Markdown reader: Properly handle boolean values in YAML metadata (#4819). This fixes a regression in 2.2.3, which cause boolean values to be parsed as MetaInlines instead of MetaBool.
We here record another undocumented (but desirable) change in 2.2.3: numerical metadata fields are now parsed as MetaInlines rather than MetaString.

2018/08/07 ver

pandoc ( 6 August 2018)
pandoc ( 6 August 2018)
Markdown reader: Fix parsing of embedded mappings in YAML metadata (#4817). This fixes a regression in 2.2.3 which caused embedded mappings (e.g. mappings in sequences) not to work in YAML metadata.

2018/08/06 ver 2.2.3

pandoc 2.2.3 ( 5 August 2018)
pandoc 2.2.2 (16 July 2018)
pandoc 2.2.1 (10 May 2018)
pandoc 2.2.3 ( 5 August 2018)
RST reader: improve parsing of inline interpreted text roles (#4811).
Use a Span with class “title-reference” for the default title-reference role.
Use B.text to split up contents into Spaces, SoftBreaks, and Strs for title-reference.
Use Code with class “interpreted-text” instead of Span and Str for unknown roles. (The RST writer has also been modified to round-trip this properly.)
Disallow blank lines in interpreted text.
Backslash-escape now works in interpreted text.
Backticks followed by alphanumerics no longer end interpreted text.
Remove support for nested inlines (Francesco Occhipinti). RST does not allow nested emphasis, links, or other inline constructs. This fixes several bugs (#4581, #4561, #4792).
Org reader: fix parsers relying on parseFromString (#4784, Albert Krewinkel). Emphasis was not parsed when it followed directly after some block types (e.g., lists).
Markdown reader: Allow unquoted numbers and booleans as YAML mapping keys. Previously in 2.2.2 you could not do
0: bar
but only

2018/07/20 ver

pandoc (19 July 2018)
pandoc (19 July 2018)
Fix regression finding templates in user data directory (#4777). Under version 2.2.1 and prior pandoc found latex templates in the templates directory under the data directory, but this broke in 2.2.2.
Clarify gfm vs markdown_github (#4783, Mauro Bieg).
Use keywords instead of tags in YAML metadata example (#4779). Unlike tags, keywords is used in some of the writers and default templates.
Add missing rollingLinks option to revealjs template (#4778, Igor Khorlo).

2018/07/16 ver 2.2.2

pandoc 2.2.2 (15 July 2018)
pandoc 2.2.2 (15 July 2018)
Use HsYAML instead of yaml for translations and YAML metadata (#4747). yaml wraps a C library; HsYAML is pure Haskell. Advances #4535.
Note: HsYAML implements YAML 1.2, in which the valid true values are true, True, TRUE. This means a change in the semantics of YAML metadata that could affect users: y, yes, and on no longer count as true values.
Fix regression: make --pdf-engine work with full paths (#4681, Mauro Bieg).
CommonMark reader: Handle ascii_identifiers extension (#4742, Anders Waldenborg). Non-ascii characters were not stripped from identifiers even if the ascii_identifiers extension was enabled (which is is by default for gfm).
TikiWiki reader: Improve list parsing (#4722, Mauro Bieg). Remove trailing Space from list items. Parse lists that have no space after marker.
LaTeX reader:
Treat lilypond as a verbatim environment (#4725).
Parse figure label into Image id (#4700, Mauro Bieg).
Beamer: Allow “noframenumbering” option (#4696, Raymond Ehlers).
Allow spaces around \graphicspath arguments (#4698).
Handle includes without surrounding blanklines (#4553). In addition, \input can now be used in an inline context, e.g. to provide part of a paragraph, as it can in LaTeX.
In rawLaTeXBlock, handle macros that resolve to a \begin or \end (#4667).
In rawLaTeXBlock, don’t expand macros in macro definitions (#4653). Note that this only affected LaTeX in markdown.
Parse more siunitx unit commands (#4296, #4773).
Be more forgiving in key/value option parsing (#4761).
Markdown reader:
Allow empty code spans, e.g. ` `.

2018/05/11 ver 2.2.1

pandoc 2.2.1 (10 May 2018)
pandoc 2.2.1 (10 May 2018)
Restored and undeprecated gladtex for HTML math (#4607).
Added GladTeX constructor to Text.Pandoc.Options.HTMLMathMethod [API change, reverts removal in v2.2]
Restored and undeprecated --gladtex option, removed in v2.2.
LaTeX reader: Handle $ in /text{..} inside math (#4576).
FB2 reader: Replace some errors with warnings (Alexander Krotov).
HTML writer:
Strip links from headers when creating TOC (#4340). Otherwise the TOC entries will not link to the sections.
Fix regression with tex math environments in HTML + MathJax (#4639).
Muse writer (Alexander Krotov): Add support for left-align and right-align classes (#4542).
Docx writer: Support underline (#4633).
Text.Pandoc.Parsing: Lookahead for non-whitespace after singleQuoteStart and doubleQuoteStart (#4637).
Text.Pandoc.Shared: add uriPathToPath. This adjusts the path from a file: URI in a way that is sensitive to Windows/Linux differences. Thus, on Windows, /c:/foo gets interpreted as c:/foo, but on Linux, /c:/foo gets interpreted as /c:/foo. See #4613.
Use uriPathToPath with file: URIs (#4613).
Revert piping HTML to pdf-engine (Mauro Bieg, #4413). Use a temp file as before.
Text.Pandoc.Class: Catch IO errors when writing media files and issue a warning, rather than an error (Francesco Occhipinti, #4559).
Don’t lowercase custom writer filename (Alexander Krotov, #4610).
MANUAL (Mauro Bieg):

2018/04/28 ver 2.2

pandoc 2.2 (27 April 2018)
pandoc 2.2 (27 April 2018)
New input format: fb2 (FictionBook2) (Alexander Krotov).
Make --ascii work for all XML formats (ICML, OPML, JATS,…), and for ms and man.
Remove deprecated --latexmathml, --gladtex, --mimetex, --jsmath, -m, --asciimathml options.
New module Text.Pandoc.Readers.FB2, exporting readFB2 (Alexander Krotov, API change).
Improve handling of raw LaTeX (for markdown etc.) (#4589, #4594). Previously there were some bugs in how macros were handled.
Support \MakeUppercase, \MakeLowercase',, \lowercase, and also \MakeTextUppercase and \MakeTextLowercase from textcase (#4959).
Read tex math as output by asciidoctor (#4569, Joe Hermaszewski).
Fix anonymous redirects with backticks (#4598).
Add support for Text::Amuse multiline headings.
Allow nested footnotes.
Flatten nested inlines (#4368, Francesco Occhipinti). Nested inlines are not valid RST syntax, so we flatten them following some readability criteria discussed in #4368.
Use <empty-line /> for HorizontalRule' rather thanLineBreak. FB2 does not have a way to represent line breaks inside paragraphs; previously we used` elements, but these are not allowed inside paragraphs.
Remove docProps/thumbnail.jpeg in data dir (Jesse Rosenthal, #4588). It contained a nonfree ICC color calibration profile and is not needed for production of a powerpoint document.
Update \lstinline delimiters (#4369, Tim Parenti).
Removed JsMath, LaTeXMathML, and GladTeX constructors from Text.Pandoc.Options.HTMLMathMethod [API change].
Don’t try to convert EPS files (#2067). pdflatex converts them itself, and JuicyPixels can’t do it.