タイトル Advanced Renamer
URL https://www.advancedrenamer.com/
バージョン 3.82   3.81   3.80   3.79   3.78   3.77   3.76   3.75   3.74   3.73   3.72  
更新日 2018/04/03
追加日 2016/06/02
種別 フリーソフト
説明 複数のファイルやフォルダを一度にリネームすることができるユーティリティ。


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2018/04/03 ver 3.82

Advanced Renamer 3.82 - 03. apr. 2018
* Pair renaming active by default on new installations
* Pair renaming will now prioritize media files when dertmining the master file in a pair
* TV show import didn't handle file pairs well
* Default setting for "Add files when batch ends" changed from None to Ask
* Fixed not visible Apply To box in List and Replace List method when running display in 200% scaling
* Performance optimization when adding files, detecting file pairs, and running batches
* Performance of detecting name collisions improved dramatically
* Fixed bug when using image tags for non images
* Pre batch window now shows the number of methods that will be used
+ Added Bulgarian translation

2018/02/13 ver 3.81

Advanced Renamer 3.81 - 13. feb. 2018
* CSV Import: Default Apply To fields to name and extension instead of just name
* CSV Import: Program will remember field values when window is closed
* CSV Import: Changed to use UTF-8 encoding
* Renumber method: Fixed renumbering relative numbers when the number is very long
* When using media tags like Img or Video for folders the program will now use the properties of the first file in the folder
* Load list now supports UTF-8
* New case method did not support UTF-8 in the pattern match modes
* Fixed <Inc Nr> zeropadding and <Num Files> value when working with file pairs

2017/10/18 ver 3.80

Advanced Renamer 3.80 - 17. oct. 2017
* Improved integration with ExifTool
* Optimized performance when testing new file names
* Option for not analyzing media files (program settings window)

2017/09/07 ver 3.79

Advanced Renamer 3.79 - 06. sep. 2017
* Folder panel will no longer show zip files as folders
* When adding both root and sub folders, the root folders will be added last instead of first
+ Files are no longer sorted alphabetically when dragged from Windows Explorer
+ Add files not matching a regular expression
+ Added option in settings to move the Start Button to the left
+ Ukranian translation

2017/08/21 ver 3.78

Advanced Renamer 3.78 - 20. aug. 2017
* Better support for high DPI monitors
* Various user interface changes
+ Check/Uncheck all on method list right click popup
+ Delete old undo jobs
* Larger present methods drop down
* Fixed status bar some times showing "Got errors" when no errors were found
* Updated regular expressions engine
* Fixed wrong thumbnail size in list
Advanced Renamer 3.77 - 17. apr. 2017

2017/04/18 ver 3.77

Advanced Renamer 3.77 - 17. april. 2017
+ Rename file pairs with the same new filename
* Make text blue for items with name override (F2 key)
* Improved error message for error code 101
* Deleted presets were not removed from the presets drop down
* Allow main menu to wrap into two lines when window is too small
* Updated language files

2017/03/27 ver 3.76

Advanced Renamer 3.76 - 26. mar. 2017
+ Override new filename (F2 key)
+ Hitting enter key will now open the file. Hitting ctrl + enter will open the folder of the file
+ Added tag <ID3 Disc>
* Don't analyze video files unless video tags are used
* New Name method will remember last used page
* Shift+F10 did not open file list popup menu

2017/03/08 ver 3.75

Advanced Renamer 3.75 - 7. mar. 2017
+ GPS Tag override window
+ Write EXIF Metadata
+ New tag: <Rand Str> for random text strings
* Fixed timestamp method reading filename pattern when pattern contains ( or )

2017/02/22 ver 3.74

Advanced Renamer
Version logAdvanced Renamer Version Log:
Advanced Renamer 3.74 - 21. feb. 2017
+ Added search edit box to the ExifTool window
* Larger preview image in file info box when selecting image files in the list
* Fixed TV shows with characters not legal for filenames like * or ?
* Fixed FileInfo box not using last resized height
* Fixed reading DPI from image files, namely TIFF files

2016/08/22 ver 3.73

Advanced Renamer 3.73 - 21. aug. 2016
+ New method: List Replace. Replace multiple phrases in a single method
+ TV Show Import: Added Select All/Select None buttons for seasons and episodes checklist box

2016/06/02 ver 3.72