タイトル Typora
URL https://www.typora.io/
更新日 2018/05/31
追加日 2016/06/06
種別 フリーソフト
説明 プレビュー表示しながら編集もできるMarkdownエディタ。Windows版も存在。


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2018/05/31 ver
1. 1. Fix bugs relates to SmartyPants.
2. Fix return key on tables.
3. Fix mirror styles and typos

2018/05/30 ver
1. Fix Markdown line break not work.
2. Fix selection style error on macOS ≤ 10.11

2018/05/28 ver
1. Add Smart Punctuation (SmartyPants) Support.
2. Support remap unicode punctuations on parse. detail
3. Fix bugs and improve UI of table functions.
4. Fix bug that styles inside underline (<u>) are not rendered.
5. Fix undo/redo logic when changing styles or in source code mode.
6. Add syntax highlight for pseudocode.
7. Add Hungarian interface. Improve labels and translations.
8. Improve URL detect logic.
9. Other bug fix.
Download v0.

2018/05/06 ver
1. Bug fix about sub list item and IME input.

2018/05/04 ver
1. Fix a bug that some code fences cannot be edited.

2018/05/02 ver
1. Add option to reopen last files/folders or open custom folders on start up.
2. Add Croatian language.
3. Add 'Save All' command in menubar.
4. Better 'drop' support of text and image from external apps.
5. Make non-latin character in exported PDF searchable and copyable.
6. Reduce app size.
7. Bug fix on mermaid.
8. Better select word, delete word and triple click support.
9. Bug fix on typing in inline math.
10. Bug fix on IME support.
11. Other bug fix.
Download v0.9.9.14

2018/04/03 ver
1. Add options for preserve or ignore whitespace/single line break when editing or export.
2. Update mermaid support and re-enable html labels in mermaid diagram.
3. Fix bugs on ordered lists.
4. Improve logic for auto pair.
5. Remember typewriter/focus mode on window close.
6. Improve syntax highlight logic in source code mode.
7. Re-open unsaved content when restart Typora after crash.
8. Add Dutch language support.
9. Other bug fix.
Download v0.

2018/03/15 ver

2018/03/14 ver
Fix regressions bug on

2018/03/14 ver

2018/03/13 ver
Fix a style error for night theme.
Fix a regression bug on
Task lists follows GFM's spec (#643). You may need to update your theme if your theme are downloaded.
Support disable auto-warp for code fences.
Support paste image directly. Add default actions and quick actions when insert images.
New language supports: German by rcvd and Gert, Czech by byDave251, Greek by kiriakosv.
Add mediawiki-texvc support for math.
Improve UI for mermaid and sequence.
Fix bug for copy and resize table.
Improve export quotation for math equations for PDF, ePub and image output.
Fix parsing errors for blockquote and emphasis.
Fix bugs relates to IME.
Fix custom font size not applied on launch.
Fix scrolling issue when navigate using outline.
Other bug fix and improvements.
Download v0.