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タイトル Memory History Tool
URL http://www.lattonsoft.hu/memhistory/
バージョン   2.2   2.1   2.0  
更新日 2017/11/15
追加日 2016/06/09
種別 フリーソフト
説明 メモリの使用量および履歴を確認することができるツール。


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2017/11/15 ver

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Memory History Tool is already used for Free in many countries all over the world. Give it a chance and Try it now for free.
Memory History Tool is safe to use, doesn't contain any harmful/backdoor code (key logger, etc.). It is written carefully and using only OS system functions and OpenSSL to support automatic e-mail report sending.
Memory History Tool - Running Processes | Top Process List | Settings
Portable (can run from external drives: usb, flash, etc.) and compact structure
Little disk space required, no installation needed
Easy to use, stylish interface
Shows real-time system load graph and system memory information and more
CPU usage statistics and logging
Per process memory usage graph in real-time
Combined system performance calculation in real-time based on CPU usage and Memory usage
Automatic warning system: sending detailed report by mail if a selected event occurs

2017/10/05 ver

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NEW! v2.6.2.6 (10/04/2017)
Executable files integrity
- Automatic warning system: send report by mail if a selected event occurs
- Events: new process detected/ system load threshold/ CPU usage threshold
- E-mail sending module with TLS support (OpenSSL)
- Attach files to mail (graph image, detected process list, top process list)
- Email contains detailed statistics about the system (CPU cores usage, memory usage, processes,...)
- Find remote IP location in TCP UDP monitor
- Combined system performance calculation in real-time based on CPU usage and Memory usage
- Slightly modified main screen: combined performance, max process count indication
- Optimizations, bug fixes
v2.5.1.8 (02/20/2017)
SHA Checksum of zip archiv
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2017/02/21 ver

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Using Memory History Tool you can diagnose system memory historical data, find processes which consuming the highest amount of memory, view per-process memory usage graphs for selected or all processes and many more functions.
If You want to understand more what is happening in the background when You are using Your favourite Windows Edition, this Tool can be the right choice for You.
You will be amazed how much RAM your Browser/ Windows Update/ Security Softwares/ Games eating up resulting to slower response of the Operation System and worsen the experience.
Memory History Tool - Main Screen
Memory History Tool - Detected Process List (Premium version)
Memory History Tool - Top Process List | Running Processes | Settings
Memory History Tool - Running under Microsoft Windows 10 x86
MS Windows 10 is installing updates
Memory History Tool - Per Process Memory Usage Graph
MS Windows 10 Memory Compression feature
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2016/07/02 ver 2.2

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RRAS Log Viewer
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Memory History Tool is already used for Free about 60 Countries all over the world in cities like: Tokyo, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Madrid, Toronto, Kn, London, Virginia Beach,... give it a chance and Download it now.
You can explore the running processes, find unknown ones easily, scan unknown processes or all memory for viruses, easily check their folder path, view their properties, or export them to a simple, portable csv file format.
This utility can do the job for You. It is continously working when you are away, so you may analyze the hystorical data any time. Let the software run for hours or days so you will get surely a better picture about the system resources.
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Click on the Cloud to download latest version OR
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Pause/Resume monitoring any time
Do not afraid of the Angry Birds or the friendly Bugs :)

2016/06/11 ver 2.1

Memory History Tool can detect in runtime the following AV softwares and use it:
Avast Pro Antivirus
Avast Internet Security 11.2.2262
v2.1 (06/11/2016)
LocalSHA Checksum of zip archiv
Localsoftware download
LocalSHA Checksum of exe file
Setup file integritiy
Official download link
Executable file integritiy
- Known/unknown process indication on main window
- Avast Antivirus support: Avast Pro Antivirus/ Avast Internet Security
- Virus scan parameters ini file, View parameters from program: click on the Antivirus logo
- Delta value: Load max and Load min difference in MB
- Top process and Delta color modified, text size is bigger on main window
- Antivirus boot sector and memory scan from Process List
- After virus scanning of a process, user can decide to mark the process as checked (as safe) or not
- Process information refresh interval in settings [1..60] sec, default 6 sec.

2016/06/09 ver 2.0