タイトル AnyDesk
URL http://anydesk.com/remote-desktop
バージョン 4.0.1   4.0.0   3.7.0   3.6.3   3.6.2   3.6.1   3.6.0   3.5.0   3.4.1   3.4.0   3.3.2  
更新日 2018/04/12
追加日 2016/07/28
種別 フリーソフト
説明 シンプルかつ高速動作のリモートデスクトップクライアント。


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2018/04/12 ver 4.0.1

11.04.18 - 4.0.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- SAS for Windows 8 and upwards was broken due to an extension handling Terminal Server.
- On Terminal Server switching to advanced view may have resulted in a crash.
10.04.18 - 4.0.0 (Windows)

2018/04/11 ver 4.0.0

10.04.2017 - 4.0.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Extended support for Terminal Server:
On connecting to a terminal server the user can choose now if to connect to the console session or
a specific user. As an alternative a fully specified address can be used to directly connect to a
a specific user.
- Added file manager session type. The file manager can also be used during a normal session.
- Session recording and playback. Enable this option under "privacy" in the options tab.
- Optional auto-locking of the Windows session on AnyDesk session end.
- Follow mouse cursor feature: When activated, the monitor selection follows the remote mouse cursor.
- Auto-Update
- The user can now choose an alias.
- Client Generator: Updates can now be disabled.
Fixed Bugs
- Directly after startup the main window did not show it was active.
- The min/max/close buttons of top-level windows show the correct hover state now.
- Fixed permissions in scam warn mode when authenticated with password.
- Fixed a bug in command line parsing when AnyDesk was started from a command prompt.
- Fixed a bug which made it impossible to connect to an IP/Hostname using the command line.

2018/01/11 ver 3.7.0

10.01.18 - 3.7.0 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Security change: fixed a bug where the permissions could be reset during the session.
- In some cases, the AnyDesk main window was not rendered correctly in Windows 10 (showing
transparent areas).

2017/11/18 ver 3.6.3

17.11.17 - 3.6.3 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash when terminating AnyDesk using the tray icon while sessions were running.
- Under rare conditions, connecting to Windows 10 showed no image/a black image.
- Clipboard permission works again.
- Disallowed to change the license key if settings are disabled.
- Fixed SAS (Ctrl+Alt+Del) which did not work under some conditions on Windows Vista and upwards.
- On some Windows 10 systems, AnyDesk did not work when the monitor was rotated. On these
systems, AnyDesk should now transmit the monitor content normally.
- Fixed two rarely occuring crashes on address book close.
- Fixed strange behaviour of custom version occuring in case a custom MSI version is installed.
This broke the clipboard for example.

2017/10/18 ver 3.6.2

17.10.17 - 3.6.2 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Trying to add an address from the speed dial to an address book with a license of type free or lite
opened a dialog instead of the address book.
- Fixed screensaver settings on AnyDesk session close. This was broken due to a bug in Windows.
- Fixed session comment dialog which could appear twice.
Other Changes
- Made license key removal more explicit and added option 'Change license key' to the main menu.
14.09.17 - 2.9.5 (Linux)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a problem that caused sending actions to the first connection
- Fixed some issues with the keyboard
- Fixed to send hotkeys like alt+f2 to other Linuxes
- Fixed that AnyDesk was left in fullscreen mode when the connection was closed
- Several minor bugfixes

2017/09/06 ver 3.6.1

05.09.17 - 3.6.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Important security update, fixed dll injection vulnerability. Thanks to 0x09AL for reporting this.

2017/09/02 ver 3.6.0

01.09.17 - 3.6.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Transmission of system information can now be blocked. Older versions of AnyDesk will show useless information in this case.
- Added a setting to disable the chat log.
- Added a setting to choose the path to the chat log.
- Added a setting to show the address book on startup.
- Added a setting to allow the accept window to go to foreground on chat message received.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash on opening the chat log on the backend side after a session request has been canceled.
- Fixed a crash on address book request failure, for example when trying to add an already contained address.
- Fixed a bug leading to an empty list of address books in the dialog shown on trying to add an address
from the speed dial to the address book when the address book has not been opened before.
- Fixed online states of speed dial entries on startup.
- Fixed strange button behavior in the accept window.
- Fixed some dpi and other graphical issues.
Other Changes
- Improved connect mechanism when using a proxy.
- On scam warning all standard permissions are set to disallowed now (regardless of settings).
- The user-defined name of an address is now italicized.

2017/08/10 ver 3.5.0

10.08.17 - 3.5.0 (Windows)
New Features
- The remote restart feature now even works when AnyDesk is not installed.
Please note: You will need to request elevation from the remote user before using the restart feature
in this case.
- Custom AnyDesk: Text and title of ID and Connect Group (Main Window) can now be customized.
- Custom AnyDesk: Before frontend startup a disclaimer can be shown now, which can be customized in
logo, title, text, background color and the text on the accept and cancel buttons. It is shown only,
if AnyDesk is not installed and the text contains non-whitespaces. All other settings are optional.
- Custom AnyDesk: Added support for environment variables in paths.
Fixed Bugs
- In the D3D fullscreen menu the keyboard mode has always been set to 'translate'.
- The invitation link in the main window has not been shown anymore after switching to advanced view and back.
- Fixed crash on opening the chat log in the backend after session close.
- Fixed crash when the session info panel was closed before the remote data was displayed.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed custom logo layout in the main window's advanced view.
- Fixed the connection panel's password edit showing clear text when disabled.
31.07.17 - 2.9.5 (macOS)

2017/07/14 ver 3.4.1

13.07.17 - 3.4.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed dpi of comment session dialog.
- Fixed that the comment session dialog can be shown although the licence is of type Lite.
- Fixed a crash related to the comment session dialog.
- Fixed that the character right of '9' on the standard hungarian keyboard layout has not been recognized before.

2017/07/12 ver 3.4.0

11.07.17 - 3.4.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Sessions can now be commented on close. The comment can then be looked up on my.anydesk.com.
If you don't want to comment, just clear the comment field. You will need a licence in order to use
this new feature. Please get an evaluation licence on http://anydesk.com/trial-licence.
- Address Book: AnyDesk now supports multiple address books. They can be added (up to a certain limit)
and deleted. The number of available address books depends on your licence.
- Status bars now also show the remote user name.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash on connecting due to monitor detection failure.
- Address Book: Fixed tag validation on rename.
- After elevation the backend user name in the chat was SYSTEM.
Other Changes
- Fixed and updated interfaces of installer, uninstaller, updater and global settings windows.

2017/07/07 ver 3.3.2

06.07.17 - 3.3.2 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Important security update. Please update if you have version 3.3.1.
- Fixed a crash when using the drop to desktop feature.