タイトル AnyDesk
URL http://anydesk.com/remote-desktop
バージョン 5.2.3   5.2.2   5.2.1   5.1.2   5.1.1   5.1.0   5.0.5   5.0.4   5.0.3   5.0.2   4.3.0  
更新日 2019/08/07
追加日 2016/07/28
種別 フリーソフト
説明 シンプルかつ高速動作のリモートデスクトップクライアント。


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2019/08/07 ver 5.2.3

05.08.2019 - 5.1.6 (Android)
New Features
- Added plugin for Savortex devices.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed vulnerability in session playback that could lead to files getting overwritten.
15.07.2019 - 5.2.3 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- AnyDesk did not open in foreground in case it was downloaded and started using MS Edge.

2019/07/13 ver 5.2.2

12.07.2019 - 5.2.2 (Windows)
- Fixed selection box tool.
- Fixed crash on click on restart button in miscellaneous settings.
- Fixed 'Change License Key...' button in the about panel.
- The File Manager downloaded the same file twice in some cases.
- Fixed handling of AltGr+a. This selected all text before and broke AltGr+a on polish keyboards.
- Fixed blocker for incoming connections.
- Fixed address not being shown correctly or incompletely in discovered clients.
- The Address Book accepted malformed addresses and could not delete them anymore.
- Fixed wrong address book being removed from the manage address books dialog while trying to delete a different one.
- Fixed address action 'Drop Link' for qualified addresses (AnyDeskID/domain/account).
- Fixed command line parsing of qualified addresses.
- Fixed broken traces.
- Fixed some tooltips.
- Minor fixes.
Other Changes
- Discovered clients can be searched for now by using user name, Alias, client ID, machine name and operating system.
- Improved display of search results.
- Discovery items can now be added to the Address Book using their context menu.

2019/06/08 ver 5.2.1

07.06.2019 - 5.2.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Some controls did not respond to mouse clicks when the mouse was moved between mouse down and up.
- The listview showed a chat log button even when there was no chat log.
- The discovery section disappeared in some situations.
06.06.2019 - 5.2.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Custom clients supporting only incoming session requests now use a minimal layout.
Other Changes
- Switch Sides is no longer supported for custom clients that cannot do both, connect and accept.
- Extended command line interface.
- Improved performance.
06.06.2019 - 5.1.0 (Android)
New Features
- Unattended access.
- Kickout feature.

2019/05/28 ver 5.1.2

27.05.2019 - 5.1.2 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash when AnyDesk could not find a preview image.
Other Changes
- Changed images for welcome panel.

2019/05/24 ver 5.1.1

23.05.2019 - 5.1.1 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed broken mouse handling in the search popup.
- Fixed lost keyboard focus when switching from the File Manager to a monitor.
- Fixed fullscreen mode on session start.
- Fixed a crash during rights elevation.
- Fixed discovery online states.
- Added missing TCP permission setting.
- Minor fixes
Other Changes
- Added a selection box tool.
- Selected items will now scroll into the visible area automatically.
- D3D fullscreen can now be minimized.
- Changed TCP default permission to true.
14.05.2019 - 5.1.0 (Windows)

2019/05/15 ver 5.1.0

14.05.19 - 5.1.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Added TCP-Forwarding for running sessions.
Fixed Bugs
- Capture settings did not show any setting.
- The Whiteboard did not work on Windows XP and on Windows 7 when Aero was disabled.
- The request elevation feature did not work after switching sides.
- When AnyDesk was running in the background for some time and the main window was started,
it did not respond for several seconds under certain conditions. The main window
should now react instantly to user input.
- After installation no discovered clients where shown.
- Fixed Discovery working only for simultaneously running clients of the same type.
Now all instances of AnyDesk should be able to use Discovery simultaneously,
for example when using vanilla and custom client at the same time.
- The screenshot menu item was not available.
- Fixed crash on popup close.
- Fixed crash when pressing 'Retry' after session end.
- Fixed crash in case AnyDesk could not get a cursor.

2019/04/13 ver 5.0.5

12.04.2019 - 5.0.5 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- The loopback (monitor) audio device could not be selected as an audio source after
selecting a specific device once.
- Fixed a crash which could occur when going in or out of fullscreen mode in D3D render mode.
- Fixed a bug which could lead to image corruption when going in or out of fullscreen mode.
- Improved behaviour of fullscreen mode when the user switches to another application than
AnyDesk and back to AnyDesk.
- Fixed a bug where the installer would crash when started twice.
- Under certain conditions, Drag&Drop was started when it was not supposed to start.
This should not happen anymore.
- AnyDesk prevented the screensaver to engage when the Accept Window was open. This
behaviour was changed so the screensaver is only prevented while an incoming session
is active.
- Fixed a crash which could occur under rare conditions when using the whiteboard
feature in Windows Server.
- Using the Address Book could cause AnyDesk to stop responding in rare situations.
- The Address Book now remembers the selected items during actions.

2019/04/09 ver 5.0.4

08.04.2019 - 5.0.4 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Generic stability improvements.
- Fixed default audio recording setting.

2019/04/06 ver 5.0.3

05.04.2019 - 5.0.3 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash which could occur when AnyDesk was terminated.
- Fixed a rare crash on Windows 8.1 which occured when AnyDesk was started.
- Fixed popup placement when there is not enough screen space available.
- Fixed some high-DPI issues.
- Fixed scrolling in Windows 8.
- Added scrollbar to the address book selection menu.
- Updated translations for Chinese, Portuguese, French and Russian.
- Added a context menu to Address Book.
- User interface improvements

2019/04/05 ver 5.0.2

04.04.2019 - 5.0.2 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a few minor bugs in the Address Book.
- No sessions can be created from the command line in case it is disabled in the client generator.
- Other minor bug fixes.
Other Changes
- Auto-Discovery is now only enabled when AnyDesk is installed. Otherwise, the user has to start it manually.
- Added a context menu to address book.
02.04.2019 - 5.0.2 (Android)
- Improved remote control speed.
- Showing pointer when remote control is possible and also on pointer move.
- Added default permissions for incoming connections in settings.
- Added settings for discovery.
- Minor improvements.
Fixed Bugs
- Fixed configuration for interactive access.
- Fixed gesture detection lockups.

2018/12/15 ver 4.3.0

14.12.18 - 4.3.0 (Windows)
New Features
- Added a setting to allow/disallow direct connections. Try disallowing direct connections
in case of recurring session interrupts after a certain amount of time.
- Added a setting for Windows Terminal Servers to dis-/allow the remote user to see the list
of currently logged in users when asked for where to connect to.
- New command line parameter "--file-transfer" to start a file session from the command line.
- Added a feature which allows to terminate running sessions from inside AnyDesk. This allows
users to start sessions when the session limit of the licence is exceeded by freeing sessions.
- Windows Terminal Server: Added a dialog which allows to choose a user.
- AnyDesk now connects using port 6568 in addition to the standard ports 80 and 443.
Fixed Bugs
- In some cases, AnyDesk would display the unknown mouse cursor ("?") in cases where it could
have displayed the actual mouse cursor instead. The unknown mouse cursor is used in cases
when there is no mouse attached to the device and AnyDesk can not obtain a mouse cursor icon
or force the system to display a mouse cursor.
- Fixed problems which could occur when the horizontal resolution was not divisible by 16.
- Fixed a crash related to the cursor.