タイトル shutdownBlocker
URL https://cresstone.com/apps/shutdownBlocker/
バージョン 1.2.2   1.2.1   1.2   1.1  
更新日 2017/03/13
追加日 2016/11/16
種別 フリーソフト
説明 システムの意図せぬシャットダウンや再起動、ログオフを防ぐことができるツール。


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2017/03/13 ver 1.2.2

clipLoggerA clipboard logger.
DupeKillA duplicate file finder/remover.
HDHR-VCRHave a SiliconDust HDHomeRun TV tuner? This is a stripped down DVR utility.
linkMakerA better shortcut maker.
moveQueueA file organization utility.
notesAn improved Sticky Notes utility.
shellNewSettingsFor cleaning up Explorer's "New" context menu.
SubCipherA utility to make or solve substitution ciphers.
ToDoA todo list and reminder application with text-to-speech capabilities.
Download: shutdownBlocker_v1.2.2.zip (61 KB) – 2017-03-08
shutdownBlocker_v1.2.2 Readme
Version 1.2.2; 2017-03-08
Added: Hibernate command added to right click menus (tray menu and general app right-click menu)
Changed: tweaked some build options.
Changed: systemsettings code moved to debug mode, seems like it's no longer needed in new builds?

2016/11/30 ver 1.2.1

Download: shutdownBlocker_v1.2.1.zip (61 KB) – 2016-11-29
shutdownBlocker_v1.2.1 Readme
Version 1.2.1; 2016-11-29
Fixed: Quitting without hitting 'allow' could have left some blocks active. Now quitting should unblock everything.

2016/11/26 ver 1.2

Download: shutdownBlocker_v1.2.zip (61 KB) – 2016-11-25
shutdownBlocker_v1.2 Readme
.NET Framework 4.0 or better; Get it from Microsoft.
Some folks have asked how to uninstall... To do so, run the app, and in settings do the following:
Make sure "Start with Windows" is unchecked.
Make sure "Add shortcut to Start Menu" is unchecked.
Then you can delete the folder the app is in. That's it. Uninstalled.
(Really, this is about the same amount of work as going through an uninstall wizard from the control panel.)
Version 1.2; 2016-11-25
Added: Context menu options to shutdown or reboot immediately. Context menu is now also available by right clicking the main app.
Changed: Some UI fluff was updated. Mostly they way we store window position.
Fixed: Working on Windows XP.

2016/11/16 ver 1.1