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タイトル Diffinity
URL http://truehumandesign.se/s_diffinity.php
バージョン 0.8.5   0.8.4   0.8.3   0.8.2  
更新日 2018/01/07
追加日 2016/12/01
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Windows用のdiff/mergeユーティリティ。


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2018/01/07 ver 0.8.5

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Version: 0.8.5
size: 351 KB
Release date: 2018-01-06
[Diffinity 0.8.5]         2018-01-06
- Color themes updated, Grey theme added and Dark theme being actually useable now
- Added setting for inserting spaces instead of tabs
- Added so ctrl + mouse wheel scrolls horizontally
- Added setting for always/never updating text when it changes on disk and fixed cases when it was shown twice
- Diff engine fixes and tweaks for improved diff quality
- Added setting to draw whitespace characters in view pane only, enabled by default
- Better drag and drop support, shows correct drag icon for file/string, supports dropping file protocal strings and can drop files and texts to both path bars and text editors
- Popups updated for opening files, saving, reloading etc

2017/10/06 ver 0.8.4

Version: 0.8.4
size: 347 KB
Release date: 2017-10-05
 - Portable (can be run directly from an external device)
Diffinity source code diff example with customized settings
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Version history
[Diffinity 0.8.4]         2017-10-05
- Show whitespace characters added to text editor preferences
- Syntax highlighting no longer highlights inside changed blocks by default and settings added for whether to highlight inside changed/added/removed blocks
- Syntax highlighting is now done when file is opened to avoid stepping being sluggish
- Popup dialog tweaks, fixed issues with some popups ending up behind the app
- Fixed bug with horizontal scrollbar sometimes not scrolling to the far right of the text
- Fixed bug with notification icons showing for files that could not be opened or no files at all, and not showing when diffing text directly without opening files
- Notification icons now flash twice
- Switch left/right now updates syntax highlighting and preserves selected edit and scrolled position
- Rediff on save is no longer triggered if the rediff takes too long (press F6 to rediff manually)
- Added support for unicode line ending characters U+2028 and U+2029
- Color themes tweaked

2017/03/14 ver 0.8.3

Version: 0.8.3
size: 344 KB
Release date: 2017-03-13
 - In-line diffs live updated as you type
[Diffinity 0.8.3]         2017-03-13
- Added support for ctrl+insert/shift+insert for copy/paste
- Fixed diff line renderer which had several rendering artifacts
- Setting added for whether to listen to file changes on disk
- Setting added for scroll lock between left/right texts
- File changed on disk popup no longer messes up selection
- Several adjacent changed lines were sometimes handled as separate differences
- Notifications could incorrectly be shown during loading of large text files
[Diffinity 0.8.2]         2016-11-06
- First official version

2016/12/01 ver 0.8.2