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タイトル Network Drive Control
URL http://www.michaelburns.net/Software/NDC/
バージョン 1.38   1.37   1.36   1.35   1.34   1.33   1.32   1.31   1.30   1.29   1.28  
更新日 2019/06/05
追加日 2016/12/02
種別 フリーソフト
説明 ログイン時にネットワーク名によって自動的にネットワークドライブをマッピングすることがでいるアプリ。


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2019/06/05 ver 1.38

v1.38 Release date June 5, 2019
MD5 Hash: EF0DE0524138DE684585DF05047592B6 (English)
SHA256 Hash: 203F66A5B7AAB421F88A69BF6A8CEC43E2B98479E6467029E8AE1422F4DB0571

2019/06/02 ver 1.37

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v1.37 Release date June 1, 2019
- NDCSetup.zip
MD5 Hash: 17099D728FF2AFA8F28D61EB66827E3F (English)
SHA256 Hash: A1BC27435C05ECDDA8759000E105A0A5223CF06BBACFEF8F06DB1240ABB320F2

2019/04/16 ver 1.36

v1.36 Release date April 16, 2019
through 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit), and supports drive mapping to a drive
letter via Server
WebDAV. (Note: Windows does not natively support drive mapping to a drive letter
via FTP, so neither does Network Drive Control. Windows only natively supports
"network place" mappings via FTP, and those network place mappings do not have
drive letters. There are commercial products out there that can map drive
letters via FTP though custom drivers.)

2019/01/10 ver 1.35

v1.35 Release date Januaryr 9, 2019
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2018/11/12 ver 1.34

v1.34 Release date November 11, 2018
→ Manage Default Printers) The
short of it is I wrote a modular

2018/10/16 ver 1.33

v1.33 Release date October 16, 2018

2018/09/17 ver 1.32

v1.32 Release date September 16, 2018

2018/07/30 ver 1.31

v1.31 Release date July 29, 2018

2018/05/21 ver 1.30

v1.30 Release date May 20, 2018

2018/04/10 ver 1.29

v1.29 Release date April 9, 2018
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2018/02/03 ver 1.28

logon, just like Windows 7 could be made to set the default printer by network name.*
v1.28 Release date February 3, 2018
network drives on login to function equivalently to the way the Windows 7 "default
printer" did by being network specific. (Start
*Yea, I know. Window 8, and Windows 10 don't
have "Manage default printers" on the "Device and Printers -> Printers and
Faxes" toolbar like Windows 7 did, and Windows 10's "Let Windows manage my
default printer" is problematic with it's constant changing of the default
printer to "last used" if you use multiple printers on a