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更新日 2019/05/16
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 高速画像ビューアー。







2019/05/16 ver 4.53

Version 4.53 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )(Release date: 2019-05-15)
New effect in Image->Effects menu: Insert Speech Bubbles
Examples/Screenshot: speech_bubbles.jpg
New effect in Image menu: Add Shadow, Shape, Rounded corners, Snowflake etc.
New effect in Image menu: Add Hexagon (or tiles), Star, Spikes, Heart etc.
Show mouse zoom magnifier: CTRL+SHIFT + Mouse-move in the image
(mouse wheel zooms within magnifier area, click inside closes it)
New border effect in "Add Frame" dialog: Broken Edge
New effect added: Radial Brighten (Effects browser dialog)
New option in Capture dialog: Draw red circle around cursor
New option in Advanced batch dialog: Set maximal dimensions for resize
Profiles option added to Contact Sheet dialog
Option to read 1 BPP images in RAW dialog
Command line: /filepattern can be combined with /slideshow
TIF/PCX/PSD loading bugs fixed (thanks to Apriorit)
Some PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
Copyright © 1996-2019 by Irfan Skiljan. All Rights Reserved. Hosted by domainunion.

2018/12/14 ver 4.52

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Version 4.52 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )(Release date: 2018-12-12)
Improved Paint PlugIn stability
Support for DPX and CIN formats (DPX PlugIn, thanks to Patrick A. Palmer)
Support for FLIF format (Free Lossless Image Format, PlugIn)
Support for HEIF format (with installed HEVC extensions/codec, see Win10)
New option in Advanced batch dialog: Set minimal dimensions for resize
Option to save settings in Canvas dialog
Insert Text dialog: CTRL + click in image adds the text permanently
Command line: /filepattern option: accepts multiple extensions ("*.jpg;*.png")
Improved support for high DPI displays
Improved JPG2000 format loading

2018/02/28 ver 4.51

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2017/10/11 ver 4.50

Version 4.50 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2017-10-10)
IrfanView and many PlugIns ported to Unicode!
The INI file will be converted to Unicode if you call the "Properties" dialog
IrfanView will NOT run on Win9x anymore
Support for iPhone PNG files (Formats PlugIn, thanks to Jongware)
Move selection with: CTRL or SHIFT + right mouse button (Y or X axis only)
New option in Extract Pages/Frames dialog: Set page/frame range
Some fixes in the Print dialog
New text pattern: $m = show number of megapixels
New Thumbnails sort menu: Sort by Megapixels
Adjust print preview image to color/bw printer settings
Wallpaper save format changed to PNG (Win8 and later)
New zooming method: Mouse wheel alone, if "Browsing->View other files" disabled
New command line option: /hotfolder="folder"
=> start Hotfolder option with a specific folder
ANI format moved to FORMATS PlugIn
JP2 PlugIn loading bug fixed (Talos Advisory TALOS-2017-0310)

2016/12/21 ver 4.44

There were numerous changes, here are only
Version 4.44 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2016-12-20)
Metadata PlugIn ported to Unicode (EXIF/IPTC/Comment data in JPG files)
Batch scan dialog: Scan to multipage file works also with PDF output
New Edit menu options: Remove or Insert strip (based on selection)
New Blur filter: Gaussian Blur (thanks to Ivan Kuckir)
New Blur filter: Fast Gaussian Blur (thanks to Mario Klingemann)
New Properties->Fullscreen option: Show blurred image sides
Option to show mouse coordinates (Properties->Viewing)
New options in Histogram dialog: modeless dialog, selections, curves
New effect added: Vertical Shift (Effects browser dialog)
New Thumbnails menu: Show/hide filenames text for thumbnails
New Image->Effects PlugIn: Film Simulation (thanks to Jan Ingwer Baer)
(check the PlugIns page for CLUT files download)
New wallpaper option: Fill (Hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + F)
New Rename dialog option: Rename also sidecar files
New Print dialog option: Save settings (without printing)
Command line option "/append" works also with PDF output

2016/03/11 ver 4.42

Version 4.42 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2016-03-10)
New File menu: Save Selection as (Hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + B)
New option in Capture dialog: Show timer countdown
New option in Export Tiles dialog: Extract all pages from multipage files
New option in Fine Rotation dialog: Select "best" old image
New option in Print dialog: No image overflow on page
New HTML-Export dialog option: Copy extra files to destination folder
(prepare a "copy_files.txt" file with filenames)
Some PCX/BMP/PPM loading bugs fixed (thanks to Moshe Kaplan)
Improved FITS format loading
New text pattern: $R = image aspect ratio (width/height)
New hotkey: CTRL + Click into selection = clear selection
Some minor fixes (Thumbnails/folder scan)
Some workarounds for Windows-10 bugs/issues (Installer signature, Associations)
Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions
© 2016 by irfan skiljan / :pagedesign & done

2015/12/01 ver 4.41

Version 4.41 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2015-11-29)
64-bit version: Use 32-bit TWAIN drivers if 64-bit drivers not installed
New dialog/GUI on Windows tablets ("2 in 1", Thanks to Arun Anbu from Intel)
New hotkey: SHIFT + Tab: Start/End Tablet mode dialog
New hotkey: CTRL + Insert: Edit->Copy
New Slideshow hotkey: Q = Pause/Resume a timer slideshow
New option for /info command line: write CSV file: /info=infofile.csv
Added PlugIns-Installer options for: /silent and /folder (Check FAQs page)
"Amazon 1Button App" offer removed
Some fixes (Auto color correction, PNG compression, UNC-Paths in 64-bit)

2015/08/04 ver 4.40

Version 4.40 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2015-07-31)
The 64-bit version of IrfanView is available: http://www.irfanview.com/64bit.htm
The 64-bit version is faster for very large images (25+ Megapixels)
Option to support IrfanView by installing "Amazon 1Button App" (OPTIONAL !)
Support for animated PNG files (APNG)
EXIF date (taken) sort menu added to main window sort menu
New Sort dialog option: Sort by EXIF date (date taken)
New toolbar item: Zoom box with common values (Properties->Toolbar)
(You can also write a new zoom value and press Enter)
New PDF PlugIn (enable in Properties->PlugIns->PDF)
New in Thumbnails window: Export image tiles for selected files (batch mode)
Load cursors and bitmaps from EXE/DLL files (Thanks to Jason Hood)
Option to set a custom font for TXT loading (Properties->Browsing/Editing)
Option to use left mouse button for fullscreen scrolling (for touch screens)
The 2 GB limit for EXE/SCR-Slideshow files changed (now: 4 GB, Windows EXE limit)
New Fine Rotation method/option added (faster for very large images)
New option for the Red-Eye-Correction effect (dialog): Set gray intensity
Some fixes in the Paint PlugIn

2014/06/24 ver 4.38

Version 4.38 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2014-06-23)
New Options menu/feature: Export image tiles (split image)
New Options menu: Hotfolder (Watch folder and show new images)
New view modes in Thumbnails window: Tiles, Details and List mode
New feature: (new) "IrfanView Shell Extension" available on PlugIns website
(= adds Context menu with some IrfanView operations to Windows Explorer)
Thanks to Michael Dunn!
New options in the "Adobe 8BF filters" dialog (Thanks to Frank/jazzman)
Improved speed in the LCMS (Color Management) PlugIn
Added support for old formats like: Amiga, Atari, C64, ZX Spectrum etc.
Thanks to Piotr Fusik! (RECOIL support in Formats PlugIn)
New Print dialog features: Borderless print, Negative positions, better preview
New command line option: /makecopy, a flag for /convert
=> if destination file exists, save new file as copy: (1), (2), (3) etc.
Option to add max. 10 external editors (for advanced users): Properties->Misc
Option to Drag&Drop current file to other programs: SHIFT + left mouse + drag
New Print dialog option: Always use default printer at dialog start
New hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + N = Negative image (all channels)

2013/12/17 ver 4.37

Version 4.37 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2013-12-16)
New options in Resample dialog: Use Resample filters for shrinking; Gamma fix
Improved GIF animations
Features from Adobe-8BF PlugIn (8BF_FILTERS.DLL) moved to Effects PlugIn
New Image menu: Adobe 8BF PlugIns; with new fixed and dynamic PlugIns like:
Perspective Transformations and SmartCurve - big thanks to PlugIn authors!
Option to set custom folder for Adobe 8BF PlugIns menu (Properties->PlugIns)
Added Drag&Drop from Thumbnails window to another programs
New menu: File->Open Recent Files (can be disabled in Properties->Misc)
New option in Advanced Batch dialog: Don't shrink bigger images
Added Center option for Crop in Advanced Batch dialog and /crop
Replace Color option can work on selections
GIF bug fixed (credits to Dmitry Janushkevich, Secunia Research, CVE-2013-5351)
MrSID bug fixed (reported by Parvez Anwar via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
Japanese folder name bug fixed (reported by Asuka Nakajima via JPCERT/CC)

2013/06/28 ver 4.36

Version 4.36 ( - CURRENT VERSION - )
(Release date: 2013-06-27)
New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Rebuild EXIF-Thumbnail
Update of EXIF-Thumbnail on JPG-Lossless-Crop
Option to Edit EXIF date/time (Options menu or Thumbnails window for batch mode)
Improved color accuracy in "Decrease color depth" function
Added "Best quality" option in "Decrease color depth" dialog (Thanks to Kornel Lesinski!)
New (Freeware) PlugIn for DWG format - thanks to BabaCAD-Software guys!
New feature: Replace Color (Image menu and Advanced Batch dialog)
New feature: Create tiled image (Image menu)
New effects PlugIn: Filter Sandbox (Image->Effects menu, JewelScript, thanks to Stefan Kuhn!)
Option to invert single color channels only (Image menu)
New Edit menu option: Show Grid (see also Properties->Editing for cell size)
New Slideshow Burning PlugIn for WinXP SP3 or later (Thanks to Eric Haddan!)
New display options added: Fit small image side to window/desktop
Profiles option added to Batch Rename dialog
New Advanced Batch dialog option: Set new image size in MegaPixels
New options for Fine Rotation effect: Keep old image size and background
New feature in Color Corrections dialog: Change White Balance