GNU awk 5.0.0がリリース - 名前空間が実装されたメジャーバージョンアップ版

S 20190417 82404

GNU awk(Gawk)の開発者Arnold Robbins氏は4月12日、メジャーバージョンアップ版となる「Gawk 5.0.0」をリリースしたことを発表しました(Reddit)。


Gawk 5.0.0はメジャーバージョンアップ版として、名前空間の実装をはじめとしたさまざまな新機能の追加や、既存機能の改良が行われています。


1. Support for the POSIX standard %a and %A printf formats has been added.

2. The test infrastructure has been greatly improved, simplifying the
contents of test/ and making it possible to generate
pc/Makefile.tst from test/

3. The regex routines have been replaced with those from GNULIB, allowing
me to stop carrying forward decades of changes against the original
ones from GLIBC.

4. Infrastructure upgrades: Bison 3.3, Automake 1.16.1, Gettext,
makeinfo 6.5.

5. The undocumented configure option and code that enabled the use of
non-English "letters" in identifiers is now gone.

6. The `--with-whiny-user-strftime' configuration option is now gone.

7. The code now makes some stronger assumptions about a C99 environment.

8. PROCINFO["platform"] yields a string indicating the platform for
which gawk was compiled.

9. Writing to elements of SYMTAB that are not variable names now
causes a fatal error. THIS CHANGES BEHAVIOR.

10. Comment handling in the pretty-printer has been reworked almost completely
from scratch. As a result, comments in many corner cases that were
previously lost are now included in the formatted output.

11. Namespaces have been implemented! See the manual. One consequence of this
is that files included with -i, read with -f, and command line program
segments must all be self-contained syntactic units. E.g., you can no
longer do something like this:

gawk -e 'BEGIN {' -e 'print "hello" }'

12. Gawk now uses the locale settings for ignoring case in single byte
locales, instead of hardwiring in Latin-1.

13. A number of bugs, some of them quite significant, have been fixed.
See the ChangeLog for details.